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Spm & Lucky by Lucky Luciano Spm & Lucky lyrics [SPM:] It's that boy Los recking you niggas fo' show dope house in the house hope you ready for more. Rollin chevrolet slow I'm blowing purplelish dro I know you hear the track nigga watch me murder this ho. It's important you listen try to vision the vision I'm a pick up the pigeons and take them straight to the kichen. Ain't no need to be bitchin' baby please stop fussin. I'm grindin and hustling. That's the life of your husband. Gotta move out the hood because it's hotter than flames. I ain't naming no names uh but most of us slang. It's the joys of the pains, of playin dangerous games. Got me locked up in chains still the dream remains. These is struggling times I'm sheddin tears for my G's in caskets and cages I guess that includes me. Finna smoke me a tree and zip some homemade wine is some older niga telling me to don't waste time. [Lucky Luciano:] This for the homeboys in (quoquestemi) free S-P, free lil Bling and till the day they let 'em free, I'm a hold it down in these H-town streets. ya'll know me lil luky L same one supplying that money L. third corner hustlers showin out for the boys out on lock who ain't comin out. sellin balls pimpin' hoes man don't stop that's how it goes. gotta make that dough, might see the snow ese came up on this here flow, stay a G till they bury me. ain't born non I'm on my feet. ball until they catch me and give me a number and TDC. till that day I'm a act an ass, little ring that Cadillac no stage the same and stack my cash and try to bring home a platinum plaque. ain't shit changed still sippin drank in a big red and power 8. after eight tryin to paper chase tryin to see how much I can make today. playa made and strapped up waitin' on one of ya'll to act up. smoke you like my last blunt gloves on and matched up. nigga what I'm a Houston representative hold it down for that dope house till they free that god damn Mexican. [Chorus: x2] S-P-M-&-L-U-C-K-Y-L-U-C-I-A-N-O D-O-P-E-H-O-U-S-E-R-E-C-O-R-D-S [SPM:] When I slide, 'bout to bring this heavy and cold. tryna to reach for my piece, ok ready, unload. and so many been told but got no sense to listen. walk away from the fire that's your best decision. so many souls have risen, so many hoes have been done. so many mothers have fainted, now pick her up off the rug and take her out of the room. don't let her look at the body because she still can't believe that her son is inside 'em. I'm tryin to cope with the laws and put my hope in the cross. I remember all the times, walkin' broke through the malls. no love for the browsers so I opened up houses. moved ups and downs I'm the company founder. my weed was browner but now it's greenish and bluish. on the streets I was learnin with the rest of the students. no scholarship and it felt like graduation was hell. he wanted a dime so I broke a twenty using my nail. soy el coyote del monte you know that boy. el nombre famoso me llamo CARLOS COY. el jefe de la compania dope house records. I done wreck you niggas once, now I'm comin for seconds and the jealous of my stepping stones building my dynasty. all the hate makes me stronger bitch you cannot silence me. we all about pluses catching hydro busses. I'm the truest why you think the fukin whole world love us. the life of a thousand men if you ain't a friend of mine I step to the niggaz and they like uh neva mind. never been afraid to die, so I pray the day that I leave you'll forgive me if I don't get a chance to say goodbye. G till my after life hillwood mastermind dope sells itself we don't even have to advertise. [Chorus: x2] S-P-M-&-L-U-C-K-Y-L-U-C-I-A-N-O D-O-P-E-H-O-U-S-E-R-E-C-O-R-D-S [Lucky Luciano:] Ayy, two coldest Mexicans on the mic again. playa of the year and the violinist. I'm a sit in first chair till he get out of prison. dope house records done crack a million, diamond greenie chiviolin, hotel rooms with a lot of women. I ain't even had me a pot to piss in. check me out I done bought a benz. now to six with four thirty. off wreckin mics I ain't sold a birdie, if SPM ain't find the kid, in cyber quick ya'll ain't never heard me. I show my ass every chance I got. they showed the cash and the shit ain't stopped. gimme my props, I stack me a knot now I'm independent now sitting on top. bottles pop with a coniak I got diamond rocks all up on my watch. talkin' bout gotta be in my socks. got a 50 cal I don't bot no glock from black to black, I grind and rob the block. hit the blockers back in the parking lot. I'm on chop chop in a drop top. bitch back before I got it lock. hillwood take it off my dick with the rows performance I'm a show respect. RIP to Big M-o-e bet all screw Houston texas. till the end I'm a represent and drew it off with two kids keep stacking up these Benjamin and stayin that playa made Mexican [Juan Gotti:] Uh, was up my gente. it's ya boy, Juan Gotti. putting it down for the dope house familia: Rasheed, Grimm, Baby Bash, Low G, Coast, Quotakey, Powda, Pimpstress, Carolyn, Major Riely, Fame, Shadow, and of course my two homeboys.... [Chorus: x2] S-P-M-&-L-U-C-K-Y-L-U-C-I-A-N-O D-O-P-E-H-O-U-S-E-R-E-C-O-R-D-S [Juan Gotti:] Roll with the SouthPark Mexican. put it down I'm a screwed up Mexican, from Houston Tex. back again, got some putos why they laughin, it's happenin. back again let it show one for my locos like? let it go, that's for sure. what's the time they got home. we can throw it, my boy got a lock of load, got a lock of load. you gotta get it wey, ni pensaban que???. I got it paid, slinging hoes all day. roll in the zone keep it blowed all day. fly away. whatchu know bout this, I'm a spread tha wings of your homeboy's pin, dope bar shit, hoes don't slip. my best friend is my pistol grip. Roll on the rolla, smoke a blunt not a?. running through your nieghborhood with a gun on my shoulder. bitch I sign all my posters, put my gun in my hoster. put my finger to the sky and get chills when you toast this. cause Juan Gotti's ferocious, getting high off some roaches. give a fuck what you want, dopehouse click stays the closest. and they hand us some roses. swear to God that you know this. I'm the coldest and the? quick to pull out a?. [Powda:] Let me have the last verse, I promise not to curse. And homie you don't have to be scared to go to church. Fuck a bitch that would ever disrespect God's house. Ohh, I promise not to curse Jaime, block that one out. My baby's in prison so it's just hard to breathe, I got a bible but I can't find what part to read. my eyes start to bleed, lord is dark indeed. they tryna sue us, and it's just another shark to feed. still Los is the king and Dope still sell itself but I got that kind of pain, pain pills don't' help. tryna stack my stack but it's so hard to make it. like that one bitch he saying it's so complicated. put my life on the path, it could be happy or sad. you got a saying, if you got my name I might ask for a drag. so wish me the best or wish me the worst. if I curse, it just be another freestyle verse. [Chorus: x3] S-P-M-&-L-U-C-K-Y-L-U-C-I-A-N-O D-O-P-E-H-O-U-S-E-R-E-C-O-R-D-S


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