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A Day Like Any Other by Siah & Yeshua Dapoed A Day Like Any Other lyrics [Intro] (Yo...yo...yo yo...yo...yo yo everybody quieten down, quieten down. Yo Siah, kick that story, man. You know which one, man...) Uh, oh...oh, no doubt, man. [Verse] [Siah] Well, it was another (hot) day in the summer (Not) paid, what a bummer Layin' in the shade under the boardwalk (Overhead) more heads stalk (You know the ED) and Siah never hawk, 3-6-5 lampin' in New York Never pork for lunch, strictly Crunch 'n Munch Plus knishes (delicious) washed down wit' punch Not poutin', spoutin' rhymes from out the snout and countin' the hours, I believe that we're leavin' on a journey Cos my soul burns me, that goes for ('po ED) And so we be foolishly missionin' Put the key in its position And we boat from the harbour passin' all the people fishin' And 'po had a vision listenin' to the rhythm of the tides as we passed the great divide... [Yeshua] I sighed, asked Si' why ride wit' no idea where, sit your hide here There's (no) purpose on this o-cean But to compare flow, maybe motion Overdosed in queer notion, almost a magic potion that I drunk to thunk or maybe think about the brink of a... (Yo, the sea be) Brother, that we hover over (Damn, it's like we caught a two-leaf clover) Soon the sun shows a speck that I suppose to be a vessel comin' closer Recognised it by the odour of the pipe Smoke approached like I choked (?) The smoker's a peerin' here like he hadn't seen a pier in a year "Siah, should steer towards him?" ("Yeah...yeah, let's board him, with the swords in the scabbards and the daggers in the belt though") "Ahoy! Ahoy! My mellow, my man" [Siah] "Uh, might you have a problem, could we lend you a hand?" I felt that he was needin' help, his hands were bleedin' Lookin' like he caught a beatin' from beneath the deep blue He insisted on assistance to catch a fish that was resistin' its arrest, told him... (I told him rest) and he proceded to free a few flows as bait to feed this great flounder Surround sound's bound to make him deflate And whaddaya know? (Check it, yo) When the 'po ED spit it The fish done did it, jumped up and bit it So hooked he closed his notebook and though the boat shook We both took the older man upon our shoulders and... [Yeshua] He told us that he got a map of the world That he'd exchange for the fish and so we gave him his wish and got a six-pack to kick back upon the high sea Siah sippin' Hi-C now we're feelin' nicely In a snap analysed the map and soon found we was North-East bound for sure [?] So I took my can to go Planted toes in the sand and lend a hand to my bro' [Siah] See, I was tipsy cos the sip be fruit punch Spewed lunch, it was too much, too much to keep Then peeped a cadaver afloat by the boat Seen somethin' in his hand, E, that looks like a note [Yeshua] An open bottle in his right "I wonder what he might have wrote?" ("Yo, you mean written, E") "Oh, what's the difference? Check the note, man" ("Are you kiddin' me? C'mon, man. Ah...") "Just check the note" ("Ah, I'm not touchin'...ah, and I quote...") [Siah] My time runs short, for late to come was my retort Consumed by a plague soon my life will abort To think I thought that I wouldn't get caught I was thinkin' a thought that was thought for naught [Yeshua] Yo, the letter didn't make the situation better We was gettin' wetter plus the breeze made us deader Movin' to the trees towards an unknown goal Siah with his Hi-C, and me my can of Old Gold [Siah] "Yo, we can't go back now, man. ("Yo, we can't, man.") We gotta see this through then, you know." ("Yo, so be it.") Instead of goin' through a chorus we entered in this forest Me tryin' my hardest not to let my teeth chatter But the fact of the matter was that I was kinda nervous Didn't have my rhyme rope-ladder at my service (No escapin') this here place we were facin' The sounds of cats chasin' made us feel like rats Racin' towards scraps, plus bats steady gazin' Gnats on my back, I was ready to be Swayzin' [Yeshua] Yo, we were trailblazin' through the woods inhabited by rabbits (ED, you seen that?) I tried to grab it But it wasn't havin' it, so we jetted after it Through nature's labyrinth-rinth-rinth [Siah] But see the rabbit was quick, it took a year off my kicks and the 'S' off my chest, felt I needed a rest ("Ayo, 'iah why you stoppin' in that spot in the shade? Forget the 'S', unless we trap him up in the glade up ahead") I said, "'po ED, go ahead, distract him I'll circle around to the back and then attack him" ("A-ight bet", I got set and I prepared to snare the hare) Me, I'm set to not let him escape from my view (Up through the trees I creep and make him leap towards the snare) Yo, I see the 'po on the go and the rabbit comin' too At which point we switched the joint up Wrestlin' for my 'S', and nestlin' in this nest when I wasn't feelin' it ("Ayo kid, that's the joint") "Nah, it's not really on point But peep this..." ("Uh, yeah...yeah, we could keep this...") To freak this next beat correctly I checked see if my specs be placed properly This rabbit's hoppin' on top of me My 'S', I grab it, Siah's once again official Nobody's stoppin' me but then the rabbit gave a whistle All of a sudden the thistle came alive with eyes About a thousand surrounded, felt my heart poundin' The 'po started drownin' in fear leavin' beads of sweat to wet the ground, reassured him with a pound and an ear... [Yeshua] "Siah, try and see we're encircled entirely Not even leavin' one degree to slide through We need to try to make a move before the eyes do We gotta rhyme our way out, whatever happens I'm beside you to the end" [Siah] "No doubt, it's all about breakin' out of this mess And if I need to bless the beast may they rest in peace" (Right then the conversation ceased) Confrontation commenced (Contemplation decreased) Now check the turn of events... We stood tense awaitin' motion from the woods Then a thousand eyes became a mass of cloaks and hoods [Yeshua] I felt the life of the cipher, but this (yo) time with a twist Sensin' this sense I'm on defence I knew a miss meant death, rhymin' to save our breath was the only path left to take so we took Siah pulled out his book full of remedies An arsensal capable of cuttin' many extremities Lettin' these beasts know when he released flow then foes be easily defeated So Siah been spittin' writtens, none survivin' The shit was hittin', he asked a few to dive in his mind They drowned, looked around and found a scimitar on some next page and got down Splittin' crown, back-to-back attack on these clown half-breeds In fact he didn't even ask me to jump in 'Musta been somethin' he drunk', I thought Siah flyin' heads like some ill-ass sport Minus the asphalt or the towels All I saw was all the vowels and consonants Consequently he disembowelled creatures like white owls Took out about a half-dozen with a scowl He cleared a path, "Cousin, yo now let's be jetty End the medley with this freestyle and then we ready" [Siah] I seen this smile on the 'po's face but I'm leavin' no trace Breathin' at a fast pace after this battle in the glade I couldn't bring forth laughter Yo E, yo we gotta move faster (Let's move) Passed this spot, blessed it be me and be seein' defeat and not the very blend of this next beat [Yeshua] The text reads that we found a way out of the forest Not knowin' about the obstacle that soon loomed before us We found the route out in a roundabout manner A scan of the horizon showed us just what was the matter [Siah] The matter was a mountain, sproutin' from the ground, made of granite Juttin' out this nearly round planet Cuttin' clearly through my view and it was too high Like Everest, thought we would never rest, but nevertheless... [Yeshua] We were too clever to stress, felt fresh, sublime and after all yo, I been climbin' since I first started rhymin' (Yeah, I recall) shit-shinin' (Like sun) type fun but no time to stall [Siah] As we ascend the rock we pass a flock at the gate Waitin' for the same hand that will command our fate From the sand strait to the land that awaits over yonder Walkin' with the 'po I start to ponder over climbin' this Si' and Yeshua 'The Tireless' wander cos a fire sits rockin' in the soul Droppin' in the coal, it is the way we take control Started with a stroll and soon expanded to a scroll Holdin' it, but the plot becomes too thick to think [Yeshua] So we let instinct take its course Of course it's not a force to be reckoned with and in a second it's leadin' us up to the source that is beckonin' Summoned to the summit, "Yo, be careful not to plummet" Like the rain had just began to [Siah] "Yeah, true I understand you But can you see us reachin' this peak before the end of the week? I mean it's gettin' kinda steep and I feel I'm leavin' the beat" [Yeshua] "Why you doubtin'? We're too far for that Besides, the top of the mountain lies at the end of the track..." [Siah] Finally we made it up, once again I'm layin' in the cut like bacteria, not stayin' in the rut Steerin' clear of this doubt that's waitin' in the gut Right about then the 'po decided he would go and scout... [Yeshua] ...out the area of this mountaintop The rain stopped for a hot minute then dropped back in it But now pourin', plus the thunder made me wonder 'What now?' [Siah] Soarin' through the sky I noticed a flock of birds lookin' terrified Eyes never lie and their's verified my observation In the distant sky I seen a figure and I figured he was chasin' [Yeshua] Comin' closer, the figure bigger than my imagination Disturbed, he spotted us and just as quick released the birds from a forced migration Didn't look like he was up for any co-habitation Came down and we were stuck [Siah] Petrified, I'd never seen a beast like this He had wings made of leather and some feathers on his wrist Our nemesis, commandin' powers unspeakable I reminisced back to the forest and the creatures who confronted us, I wondered what was the connection? [Yeshua] But no time for reflection, he walked in our direction Like a thing possessed I seen him holdin' in his hand somebody's cassette and he didn't look impressed He said, ("I heard your tape didn't like it cos you complicate In fact, I hate all those that elevate You made it this far, but don't celebrate Cos your lives I decided to confiscate") Before I could ask exactly what track aggravated matters He crushed the tape and rushed straight at us at a rate that made our hearts race, but we stayed in place to face this waste of life, that's when Si' hit him with a... [Siah] ...right at you, you can't stop this flight I'll strike your dome in like the knight to leave your whole cipher blown like the last one (He tried to blast the ripper to no effect) So ED stepped past me and then hit him with a... [Yeshua] ...left, better than you burn Permanent like a bad one Your turn to combust must cause concern [Siah] But the beast just laughed and extinguished the thought Cut his retort in half I was sort of distraught seein' this beast in my path Felt we had to release some next... [Yeshua] I knew he wouldn't expect it if we cold connected on a single perspective, so we collected thoughts and ejected (I) cannot (comprehend why you would) try to defend skies (from those qualified to bend minds) and send lives straight flyin' through the wind (Those inside the urban know) the words make things (Bro, between) the cracks (of the concrete minded) Tracks make 'em clap and stomp (Deep, but you find rhymes) too complex to let me rise (high above the time line) Now is the time, I'm seizin' the prize... [Siah] We took cover knowin' that we hit the mark Discovered another level and this brother got ripped apart [Yeshua] He gripped his heart and fell down to the ground Then smoke started comin' out his eyes and soon we found a cloud surroundin' him [Siah] But I didn't go near for fear that he was still alive (Even though I couldn't hear what was happenin' inside) When it started to clear I figured that he had died (But when the smoke disappeared...) He and I, we were surprised, for in front of our eyes There lay a child, kickin' and screamin', actin' wild, and uh... (I decided it was safe to pick him up So we did quick enough and then the baby stopped cryin' "Yo, you think that we should take him back with us?") Discussin' this when the baby tapped ED on the shoulder And attract-ed our attention with a finger Signallin' somethin' that we couldn't combat He pointed over (my back, I turned around and dropped my jaw Siah also looked amazed from the sight that he saw) This kid found what we didn't even know we were lookin' for (After this journey it seemed nothin' was sure) But when the kid noticed it he proved his new friends wrong (Cos surely we had found...) (What?) Well, it was...


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