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Suavehouse by Tela Suavehouse lyrics [Hook: NOLA] Welcome to that Suave House Came to turn the motherfuckin' lights out Niggas gonna bring the ruckus, no doubt Suave House bout to turn the lights out I say welcome to that Suave House Came to turn the motherfuckin' lights out Niggas gonna bring the ruckus, no doubt Suave House bout to turn the lights out [Lokey] First of all before it starts Suave thicker than the Million-Man March Khakis starched as I flow through the cut like Noah's Ark Who's that slippin' in the dark It's the L-O-K-E-Y A killer like Jack the Ripper but slicker than SupaFly Bull's-eye, stay focused on my green like infrared beams Livin' like kings, when Draper put the scientist on the team Now it's in my blood stream I'm Suave playa till the dusk Construct some murder shit for all my niggas in the cut [O.C.] It's O.C. the Sinister killin' ya Here to administer, with from holy scripts Releasin' explicit, miniature scriptures that lift ya mental Get into a mind state, niggas fabricate See can they duplicate the shit that we create I orchestrate throughout the night and congregate with killers Watchin' fake MC's evacuate the premises BLAH it's too late Another murder, no post rate Fuckin' with this Suave shit flies us around planet as the Earth rotates [Loc] No doubt, it's Suave House the residence It's evident I represent my click till I'm deceased like dead presidents My regiment is full of soldiers swoopin' like vultures They should've told ya, Loc gon' put it down like he's supposed to [Khadabi] You niggas peep the game, ain't shit changed Except you small change and you hydroplane And Suave House niggas we made like stains, on yo bitch's brain I coochie for playas with loochie from verbal slang [Ona-One] I'm breakin' niggas like speed limits So hit it before you kick it, think twice if you lick it Even you don't wanna risk it If it's dry, twist it, flick it, make me sick with it Don't forget your pieces in it, now watch me spit it Up and down ya spleen hittin' every nerve like nicotine I'm about that cream nigga, save ya dreams and make me scream Madam don't give a fuck about nothin' or nobody, not shit So come equipped, you fuckin' sick You cannot get with this, even at the club spot When orderin' me a drink make sure it's nitro-glycerin on rocks You know that street traffic be drastic That's why I'm not havin' it Exposin' all you fakers to my Suave click, aww shit I'm the first, second, third, fourth, fifth evil bitch With the clip that'll strip you from ya hips Leavin' punk niggas with a knuckle print So checkin' chins in the 9-6, this shit is a sinch [Hook] [Thorough] I crucify clicks like a cult, dialect is difficult The result, mental lock like a dead-bolt On ya cranium, I'm stainin' em' like paintballs Ain't y'all tired of bein' shot, don't cha' shirt need a wash Watch yourself cause Thorough be on the hunt Plus him hungry and he know exactly what he want Pronunciate the poetry that they wouldn't say And represent the sound that they wouldn't play Do away with paper weights with my paper mate Immobilize your vibe and paralyze ya rhyme rate Take ya conscience and shake it like a nation Now ya dumb founded tryin' to find my location It's still Suave House and I'm the first tenant Be attentive when I send it or you might not get it Limit three and a half mics cause the Source is bias But yet still three and a half mill will buy us [Hook] [NOLA] Like babies killed in the boat And this rap fashion shit is blown Way outta proportion, Mrs. Incline Versace, Armani best wines are fine Materialistic shit we decline Cause rappers are gettin' weerier All I'm hearin' is the clothing of material We ain't carin' what cha' wearin' Gangsta niggas live the area Fill the tech, shall we lecture upon this record I keep the Suave House record on ya dresser Supposedly, NOLA come one mo' again, cause unknowingly You done fucked up my trees Like vegetarians eatin' pork and wine Bags under mine, receivin' dicks from behind Bottom line, it's gettin' serrious and furious I'm on my period, attitude is rudeness, this the mood bitch It's that Suave click [Hook] [Tela] Now who's the motherfucker ready to rap and bust a cap The haters want my snap to watch these hoes shit collapse A nigga that get in my way get his ass kicked and attacked It's like the loops of the water,Suave started perhaps Bloody maps, citizen traps, seekin' dress ya can't find Puttin' ya bitch in a box who brought you seven different signs I'm decomposin' those that's opposin' my rhymes I'm leavin' ya ass frozen BING by the corners and lines You actin' bad, motherfucker is you mad Yo nigga's crew is bad, Tony Draper's runnin' that I bring the fuckin' shit that a bitch can't touch I'm leavin' ya ass in the gas and blowin' ya fuckin' shit up Bust, the gravel travels like a travel It ain't reliable, fuck the motherfuckin' outcome That nigga Tela be kind of like raw Cause I done seen what I saw and now i'm breakin' the law [Hook]


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