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Modern Times (album) by Bob Dylan Bob Dylan - Modern Times ======================== Artist : Bob Dylan Album : Modern Times (out 2006) I am : Mohamed Hassan (From Egypt) Contact : [email protected] Hello Everyone,Guess the old man will always have something up his sleeve, another great album from The father of Modern Rock'n'Roll. The album is mostly straight in-your-face Blues,so I basically didn't write the strumming patterns cause it's easy to figure out,also I didn't transcrib any blues solos as it's mostly improvisation,so this is mainly chords and some picking pattern when necessary. All words & music written by Bob Dylan Tracks Listing: ============= 1) Thunder On The Mountain 2) Spirit On The Water 3) Rollin' & Tumblin' 4) When The Deal Goes Down 5) Someday Baby 6) Working man's Blues 7) Beyond The Horizon 8) Nettie Moore 9) The Levee Gonna Break 10) Ain't Talkin' --------------------------------------------------------- Thunder On The Mountain The Album starts with this simple yet amazing as usual 12-Bar Blues track, for licks and solos,just play in Bb Blues. Intro : Eb F x2 Bb Thunder on the mountain, fires on the moon There's a ruckus in the alley and the sun will be here soon Eb Bb Today's the day, gonna grab my trombone and blow F Bb Well, there's hot stuff here and it's everywhere I go I was thinkin' 'bout Alicia Keys, couldn't keep from crying When she was born in Hell's Kitchen, I was living down the line I'm wondering where in the world Alisha Keys could be I been looking for her even clear through Tennessee Feel like my soul is beginning to expand Look into my heart and you will sort of understand You brought me here, now you're trying to run me away The writing's on the wall, come read it, come see what it say Thunder on the mountain, rolling like a drum Gonna sleep over there, that's where the music coming from I don't need any guide, I already know the way Remember this, I'm your servant both night and day The pistols are poppin' and the power is down I'd like to try somethin' but I'm so far from town The sun keeps shinin' and the North Wind keeps picking up speed Gonna forget about myself for a while, gonna go out and see what others need I've been sitting down studying the art of love I think it will fit me like a glove I want some real good woman to do just what I say Everybody got to wonder what's the matter with this cruel world today Thunder on the mountain rolling to the ground Gonna get up in the morning walk the hard road down Some sweet day I'll stand beside my king I wouldn't betray your love or any other thing Gonna raise me an army, some tough sons of bitches I'll recruit my army from the orphanages I been to St. Herman's church and I've said my religious vows I've sucked the milk out of a thousand cows I got the porkchops, she got the pie She ain't no angel and neither am I Shame on your greed, shame on your wicked schemes I'll say this, I don't give a damn about your dreams Thunder on the mountain heavy as can be Mean old twister bearing down on me All the ladies of Washington scrambling to get out of town Looks like something bad gonna happen, better roll your airplane down Everybody's going and I want to go too Don't wanna take a chance with somebody new I did all I could and I did it right there and then I've already confessed – no need to confess again Gonna make a lot of money, gonna go up north I'll plant and I'll harvest what the earth brings forth The hammer's on the table, the pitchfork's on the shelf For the love of God, you ought to take pity on yourself Outro : Eb Bb That's It,Your Typical blues. --------------------------------------------------------- Spirit on the Water Now this is just the basic riff played in the intro and it's played over the verses,there's like 3 guitars I think,I just tabbed the ones I can hear most,A piano play the chords over the riff,so I guess you need 2 guitars to make it sound best. The timing is indicated as each measure is a 4 count,listen to the record and you'll get it. Verse : ====== Bb Eb Bb Eb Ebm7 Bb |-10-8--10-8--|-6-5-6-5-|----------------|----------|---6---6-x-| |-11-10-11-10-|-8-6-8-6-|----------------|---8----7-|---6---6-x-| |-------------|---------|--5s7-7---------|---8----6-|---7---7-x-| |-------------|---------|--------10-8----|---8----8-|-----------| |-------------|---------|-------------10-|-6----6---|-----------| |-------------|---------|----------------|----------|-6---6-----| Eb F Bb Bb ---------|---|-6-| -8-----6-|-6-|-6-| -8-----5-|-7-|-7-| -8-7-8-7-|-8-|-8-| ---------|-8-|-8-| ---------|---|---| Bb Spirit on the water Eb Bb Darkness on the face of the deep Eb Ebm7 Bb I keep thinking about you baby Eb F Bb I can't hardly sleep I'm traveling by land Traveling through the dawn of day You're always on my mind I can't stay away Chorus : ======= Gm I'd forgotten about you Cm Then you turned up again Gm I always knew Cm That we were meant to be more than friends When you are near It's just as plain as it can be I'm wild about you, gal You ought to be a fool about me Can't explain The sources of this hidden pain You burned your way into my heart You got the key to my brain I've been trampling through mud Praying to the powers above I'm sweating blood You got a face that begs for love Life without you Doesn't mean a thing to me If I can't have you, I'll throw my love into the deep blue sea Sometimes I wonder Why you can't treat me right You do good all day Then you do wrong all night When you're with me I'm a thousand times happier than I could ever say What does it matter What price I pay They brag about your sugar Brag about it all over town Put some sugar in my bowl I feel like laying down I'm pale as a ghost Holding a blossom on a stem You ever seen a ghost? No But you have heard of them I see you there I'm blinded by the colors I see I take good care Of what belongs to me I hear your name Ringing up and down the line I'm saying it plain These ties are strong enough to bind Your sweet voice Calls out from some old familiar shrine I got no choice Can't believe these things would ever fade from your mind I could live forever With you perfectly You don't ever Have to make a fuss over me From East to West Ever since the world began I only mean it for the best I want to be with you any way I can I been in a brawl Now I'm feeling the wall I'm going away baby I won't be back ‘til fall High on the hill You can carry all my thoughts with you You've numbed my will This love could tear me in two I wanna be with you in paradise And it seems so unfair I can't go back to paradise no more I killed a man back there You think I'm over the hill You think I'm past my prime Let me see what you got We can have a whoppin' good time ----------------------------------------------- Rollin' and Tumblin' Another Amazing track,I'll just put down the intro solo,and the main riff repeated througout,the riff is played with various variations,you can pick it up from the record. |------------------------------------------------------ |----------11-11-11-11---11-11-11-11-11-11s-----9------ |-10-10-10---------------------------------8s10-------- |-------------------------------------------------10s8- |------------------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------------ Bb F Bb ---------------------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------------------------| -----6------6--------6-------6---------------------------------| -6s8---8p6-8--8-8-88---8p6-8---8-------------------------------| ----------------8-88-------------6s8-8-8-8s6---6---4s6s4-------| ---------------------------------------------6---6-------9-8-6-| then back to riff Verse can be played like A or B ,usually begins with an A,riff is played over Bb: A: |----------------| B: |------------------| |----------------| |------------------| |-----6------6---| |-----6-------6----| |-6-8---8p6-8--8-| |-8-88--8p6-8---8--| |----------------| |-8-88-------------| |----------------| |------------------| Eb Bb I rolled and I tumbled, I cried the whole night long (Riffx3) Eb Bb I rolled and I tumbled, I cried the whole night long (Riffx2) F Bb Woke up this mornin', I must have bet my money wrong (Riffx2) I got troubles so hard, I can't stand the strain I got troubles so hard, I just can't stand the strain Some young lazy slut has charmed away my brains The landscape is glowin', gleamin' in the golden light of day The landscape is glowin', gleamin' in the gold light of day I ain't holding nothin' back now, I ain't standin' in anybody's way Well, I did all I know just to keep you off my mind Well, I did all I know just to keep you off my mind Well, I paid and I paid and my sufferin' heart is always on the line Well, I get up in the dawn and I go down and lay in the shade I get up in the dawn and I go down and lay in the shade I ain't nobody's house boy, I ain't nobody's well trained maid I'm flat out spent, this woman been drivin' me to tears I'm flat out spent, this woman she been drivin' me to tears This woman so crazy, I swear I ain't gonna touch another one for years Well, the warm weather is comin' and the buds are on the vine The warm weather's comin', the buds are on the vine Ain't nothing so depressing as trying to satisfy this woman of mine I got up this mornin', saw the rising sun return Well, I got up this mornin', seen the rising sun return Sooner or later you too shall burn The night's filled with shadows, the years are filled with early doom The night's filled with shadows, the years are filled with early doom I've been conjuring up all these long dead souls from their crumblin' tombs Let's forgive each other darlin', let's go down to the greenwood glen Let's forgive each other darlin', let's go down to the greenwood glen Let's put our heads together, let's put old matters to an end Now I rolled and I tumbled and I cried the whole night long Ah, I rolled and I tumbled, I cried the whole night long I woke up this morning, I think I must be travelin' wrong ---------------------------------------------------------------- When the Deal Goes Down The song is in C#,and is transposed to C by using a capo on 1st Fret. C : 032010 Em : 022000 F : 133211 or xx3211 G : 320003 G7 : x33463 Dm : xx0231 you can use light sturmming or pickin' whichever you think sound better. Capo 1st Fret: Intro : C Em F G |-1s3--3-----|-3s5-|-5s8--5---5-|-3---| |--------6---|-----|--------6---|-----| |----------5-|-----|------------|-----| |------------|-----|------------|-----| |------------|-----|------------|-----| |------------|-----|------------|-----| C Em F G7 In the still of the night, in the world's ancient light C Dm C G Where wisdom grows up in strife C Em F G7 My bewildering brain, toils in vain C Dm C Through the darkness on the pathways of life F G7 C Am Each invisible prayer is like a cloud in the air F C Dm G Tomorrow keeps turning around C Em F G7 We live and we die, we know not why C Dm C But I'll be with you when the deal goes down We eat and we drink, we feel and we think Far down the street we stray I laugh and I cry and I'm haunted by Things I never meant nor wished to say The midnight rain follows the train We all wear the same thorny crown Soul to soul, our shadows roll And I'll be with you when the deal goes down Solo: (Overdriven guitar with capo on 1st fret) ==== C Em F G7 |-------------------------------|------------------| |-------------------------13-10-|------------------| |-9-10-10s12-12-(12)-9-12-------|-10-9-9s7-7-9-----| |-------------------------------|--------------10--| |-------------------------------|------------------| |-------------------------------|------------------| C Dm C |-------------------|----------| |------------8-10-8-|-12-15-13-| |-4s5-7-9-10--------|----------| |-------------------|----------| |-------------------|----------| |-------------------|----------| The moon gives light and shines by night I scarcely feel the glow We learn to live and then we forgive O'er the road we're bound to go More frailer than the flowers, these precious hours That keep us so tightly bound You come to my eyes like a vision from the skies And I'll be with you when the deal goes down Solo: (Overdriven guitar with capo on 1st fret) C Em F G C Dm C |-----------|-------------------|----------------|---------| |-----------|-------------------|----------------|---------| |-----------|-------------------|----------------|---------| |-----------|-------------------|--------5-5-7p5-|-5-4-3-2-| |-----------|-----0---0-3-5-5p3-|-3-3-5s7--------|---------| |-0-0-1-3-3-|-0-3---3-----------|----------------|---------| I picked up a rose and it poked through my clothes I followed the winding stream I heard the deafening noise, I felt transient joys I know they're not what they seem In this earthly domain, full of disappointment and pain You'll never see me frown I owe my heart to you, and that's sayin' it true And I'll be with you when the deal goes down Outro : C Em F G#m G#m Gm C ---------------------------------------------------- Someday Baby Again the blues,as always you figure the strumming pattern,shouldn't be hard. Listen to the track for chords timing,and this is the little lick repeating after each line. |---------------------| |---------------------| |--8s10-6s8s6---------| |-------------8-6-8---| |---------------------| |---------------------| Bb I don't care what you do, I don't care what you say Eb Bb I don't care where you go or how long you stay F Eb Bb Someday baby, you ain't gonna worry po' me anymore Well you take my money and you turn me out You fill me up with nothin' but self doubt Someday baby, you ain't gonna worry po' me anymore When I was young, driving was my crave You drive me so hard, almost to the grave Someday baby, you ain't gonna worry po' me anymore I'm so hard pressed, my mind tied up in knots I keep recycling the same old thoughts Someday baby you ain't gonna worry po' me anymore So many good things in life that I overlooked I don't know what to do now, you got me so hooked Someday baby you ain't gonna worry po' me any more Well, I don't want to brag, but I'm gonna ring your neck When all else fails I'll make it a matter of self respect Someday baby, you ain't gonna worry po' me any more You can take your clothes put 'm in a sack You goin' down the road, baby and you can't come back Someday baby you ain't gonna worry po' me any more I try to be friendly, I try to be kind Now I'm gonna drive you from your home, just like I was driven from mine Someday baby you ain't gonna worry po' me any more Living this way ain't a natural thing to do Why was I born to love you? Someday baby, you ain't gonna worry po' me any more. All solos are played on the same progression as the verse. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Workingman's Blues #2 Not much to say here 'cept for the chords,nice tune though. A : 577655 F#m : 244222 Bm : x24432 D : xx0232 E(I) : XX6454 E(II) : xx6450 E(III) : 022100 C#m : x4665x A E(I) There's an evenin' haze settlin' over the town F#m C#m Starlight by the edge of the creek A E(I) The buyin' power of the proletariat's gone down Bm E(III) Money's gettin' shallow and weak The place I love best is a sweet memory It's a new path that we trod They say low wages are a reality If we want to compete abroad My cruel weapons have been put on the shelf Come sit down on my knee You are dearer to me than myself As you yourself can see I'm listenin' to the steel rails hum Got both eyes tight shut Just sitting here trying to keep the hunger from Creeping it's way into my gut CHORUS D E(II) Meet me at the bottom, don't lag behind A E(II) Bring me my boots and shoes D E(II) You can hang back or fight your best on the front line Bm E(III) A Sing a little bit of these workingman's blues Littler Interlude : just play A7 : 577685 Now, I'm sailin' on back, ready for the long haul Tossed by the winds and the seas I'll drag ‘em all down to hell and I'll stand ‘em at the wall I'll sell ‘em to their enemies I'm tryin' to feed my soul with thought Gonna sleep off the rest of the day Sometimes no one wants what we got Sometimes you can't give it away Now the place is ringed with countless foes Some of them may be deaf and dumb No man, no woman knows The hour that sorrow will come In the dark I hear the night birds call I can hear a lover's breath I sleep in the kitchen with my feet in the hall Sleep is like a temporary death (chorus) Well, they burned my barn, they stole my horse I can't save a dime I got to be careful, I don't want to be forced Into a life of continual crime I can see for myself that the sun is sinking How I wish you were here to see Tell me now, am I wrong in thinking That you have forgotten me? Now they worry and they hurry and they fuss and they fret They waste your nights and days Them I will forget But you I'll remember always Old memories of you to me have clung You've wounded me with words Gonna have to straighten out your tongue It's all true, everything you have heard (chorus) In you, my friend, I find no blame Wanna look in my eyes, please do No one can ever claim That I took up arms against you All across the peaceful sacred fields They will lay you low They'll break your horns and slash you with steel I say it so it must be so Now I'm down on my luck and I'm black and blue Gonna give you another chance I'm all alone and I'm expecting you To lead me off in a cheerful dance Got a brand new suit and a brand new wife I can live on rice and beans Some people never worked a day in their life Don't know what work even means (chorus) ------------------------------------ Beyond the Horizon Don't get fooled by all of this,it's a simple track,you can lose the base notes if they give any trouble Intro ----- |-------------------| |-------------------| |-5-6-7-6-5-6-7-6---| |-------------------| |-3-4-5-4-3-4-5-4---| |-------------------| Verse: ----- F Bbm Fmaj7/A Gm C |---------|---------|---------|---------|-------------|-------------| |-6-6-6-6-|-6-6-6-6-|---------|-3-3-3-3-|-8--8--8--8--|-8--8--8--8--| |-5-5-5-5-|-6-6-6-6-|-5-7-5-5-|-3-3-3-3-|-9--9--9--9--|-9--9--9--9--| |-7-7-7-7-|-8-8-8-8-|-7-7-7-7-|-5-5-5-5-|-10-10-10-10-|-10-10-10-10-| |-8-8-8-8-|-8-8-8-8-|-0-0-0-0-|---------|-10-10-10-10-|-10-10-10-10-| |---------|---------|---------|---------|-------------|-------------| F |---------| |-6-6-6-6-| |-5-5-5-5-| |-7-7-7-7-| |-8-8-8-8-| Transition Chord F |---------| |-6-6-6-6-| |-5-5-5-5-| |-7-7-7-7-| |-8-8-8-8-| |---------| F Bbm Fmaj7/A Gm C C7 F |---------|---------|---------|---------|-------------|---------|---------| |-6-6-6-6-|-6-6-6-6-|---------|-3-3-3-3-|-8--8--8--8--|-8-8-8-8-|-6-6-6-6-| |-5-7-5-5-|-6-6-6-6-|-5-7-5-5-|-3-3-3-3-|-9--9--9--9--|-9-9-9-9-|-5-5-5-5-| |-7-7-7-7-|-8-8-8-8-|-7-7-7-7-|-5-5-5-5-|-10-10-10-10-|-8-8-8-8-|-7-7-7-7-| |-8---8-8-|-8-8-8-8-|-0-0-0-0-|---------|-10-10-10-10-|---------|-8-8-8-8-| |---------|---------|---------|---------|-------------|---------|---------| Chorus: ------ Gm Gm9 F Gm F Gm Gm9 F Bb C |-6---5---|---------|---------|---------|-6-6-5---|------|-----|-----------| |-8-8-8-8-|-6-6-6-6-|-8-8-8-8-|-6-6-6-6-|-8-8-8-8-|-6666-|6666-|8--8--8--8-| |-7-7-7-7-|-5-5-5-5-|-7-7-7-7-|-5-5-5-5-|-7-7-7-7-|-5555-|7777-|9--9--9--9-| |-8-8-8-8-|-7-7-7-7-|-8-8-8-8-|-7-7-7-7-|-8-8-8-8-|-7777-|8888-|10-10-10-10| |---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|------|-----|-----------| |---------|---------|---------|---------|---------|------|-----|-----------| F Bbm F C F |------|---------|------|-------------|-------------|-------------|------| |-6666-|-6-6-6-6-|-6666-|-8--8--8--8--|-8--8--8--8--|-8--8--8--8--|-6666-| |-5555-|-6-6-6-6-|-5555-|-9--9--9--9--|-9--9--9--9--|-9--9--9--9--|-5555-| |-7777-|-7-7-7-7-|-7777-|-10-10-10-10-|-10-10-10-10-|-10-10-10-10-|-7777-| |------|---------|------|-10-10-10-10-|-10-10-10-10-|-10-10-10-10-|-8888-| |------|---------|------|-------------|-------------|-------------|------| F Bbm Fmaj7/A Beyond the horizon, behind the sun Gm c F (F) At the end of the rainbow life has only begun F Bbm Fmaj7/A In the long hours of twilight 'neath the stardust above C C7 F Beyond the horizon it is easy to love Gm F My wretched heart's pounding Gm F I felt an angel's kiss Gm F My memories are drowning Bb C In mortal bliss F Bbm F Beyond the horizon, in the Springtime or Fall C F Love waits forever for one and for all Beyond the horizon across the divide 'Round about midnight, we'll be on the same side Down in the valley the water runs cold Beyond the horizon someone prayed for your soul I'm touched with desire What don't I do? I'll throw the logs on the fire I'll build my world around you Beyond the horizon, at the end of the game Every step that you take, I'm walking the same F Bbm Fmaj7/A Gm |------------------------------|-----------------------| |------------------------15----|--15-------------------| |----10-12-(12)-12s14-14----14-|-----14----15----15-14-| |-10---------------------------|--------15----15-------| |------------------------------|-----------------------| |------------------------------|-----------------------| C F |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-13-------13-------------------------------------------------| |----15-14----12--10s12-10-12p10-9-10s12-------------14-14----| |----------------------------------------12s14-14h15-------15-| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| Beyond the horizon the night winds blow The theme of a melody from many moons ago The bells of St. Mary, how sweetly they chime Beyond the horizon I found you just in time It's dark and it's dreary I ponder in vain I'm weakened, I'm weary My repentance is plain Beyond the horizon o'er the treacherous sea I still can't believe that you've set aside your love for me F Bbm Fmaj7 |--------------------------------------------|-----| |-------------------13-13--13----------------|-----| |-------10-12-12s14-----------14-15-14-(14)--|-----| |-10-12--------------------------------------|-----| |--------------------------------------------|-----| |--------------------------------------------|-----| Gm C F |-------------------------------------------------| |-13-------13----------------------13-------------| |----15-14----12s10-9-10s12--12s14----12-15p14-15-| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------| Beyond the horizon, 'neath crimson skies In the soft light of morning I'll follow you with my eyes Through countries and kingdoms and temples of stone Beyond the horizon right down to the bone It's late in the season Never knew, never cared Whatever the reason Someone's life has been spared Beyond the horizon the sky is so blue I've got more than a lifetime to live lovin' you ---------------------------------------------- Nettie Moore one of my favourites in this album. Capo 4th Fret Em : 022000 D : 200232 Am : x02210 ?? : X110XX C : X32010 G : 320003 The trick is to pick seperate notes,again it's all in the record. Intro,Verses & Ourto : ---------------------- |------------------------|----------------0----------------| |---0-----1-3-0----------|---0--------0-3-3--------------0-| |---0---2-0---0------0-2-|---0-----2--0---0--0-0---2p0---0-| |---2---0-2---0----1---1-|---2---0----0---2--0--0------4-0-| |---------3------1-----0-|------------2------2---2-0-----2-| |-0---2------------------|-0---2------3------------------3-| Em D C G Lost John sittin' on a railroad track ?? Am Something's out of wack Em D G C Blues this morning falling down like hail G Am G Gonna leave a greasy trail Gonna travel the world is what I'm gonna do Then come back and see you All I ever do is struggle and strive If I don't do anybody any harm, I might make it back home alive I'm the oldest son of a crazy man I'm in a cowboy band Got a pile of sins to pay for and I ain't got time to hide I'd walk through a blazing fire, baby, if I knew you was on the other side CHORUS G Oh, I miss you Nettie Moore C And my happiness is o'er Am G Winter's gone, the river's on the rise G B7 I loved you then and ever shall C G But there's no one here that's left to tell C Am G The world has gone black before my eyes The world of research has gone berserk Too much paperwork Albert's in the grave-yard, Frankie's raising hell I'm beginning to believe what the scriptures tell I'm going where the Southern crosses the yellow dog Get away from all these demagogues And these bad luck women stick like glue It's either one or the other or neither of the two She says, "look out daddy, don't want you to tear your pants. You can get wrecked in this dance." They say whiskey will kill ya, but I don't think it will I'm riding with you to the top of the hill (chorus) Don't know why my baby never looked so good before I don't have to wonder no more She been cooking all day and it's gonna take me all night I can't eat all that stuff in a single bite The Judge is coming in, everybody rise Lift up your eyes You can do what you please, you don't need my advice Before you call me any dirty names you better think twice Getting light outside, the temperature dropped I think the rain has stopped I'm going to make you come to grips with fate When I'm through with you, you'll learn to keep your business straight (chorus) The bright spark of the steady lights Has dimmed my sights When you're around all my grief gives 'way A lifetime with you is like some heavenly day Everything I've ever known to be right has proven wrong I'll be drifting along The woman I'm lovin' , she rules my heart No knife could ever cut our love apart Today I'll stand in faith and raise The voice of praise The sun is strong, I'm standing in the light I wish to God that it were night ---------------------------------------------------- The Levee's Gonna Break again your typical 12 Bar Blues in Bb,I may add the solos in a seperate file later. an acoustic does the strumming,while 2 electrics,one plays the slide,and the other does the blues sturm,that's how I play it on one guitar,I'm sure you can do better. Main Riff: Bb Eb |-------------------| |------------------| |-------------------| |-6-6-6s9s8-6-6-6-6-| |----6s9s8---6---6-| |-6-6-6s9s8-6-6-6-6-| |-7-7-------7-8-7-8-| |-8-8------8-8-8-8-| |-7-7-------7-8-7-8-| |-8-8-------8-8-8-8-| |-8-8------8-8-8-8-| |-8-8-------8-8-8-8-| |-------------------| |------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------|x2|------------------|x1|-------------------|x1 |-------------------| |-------------------| (Play the chord rather lightly |-6-6-6s9s8-6-6-6-6-| |-6-6-6s9s8-6-6-6-6-| and accentuate the slide,if |-5-5-------5-5-5-5-| |-7-7-------7-8-7-8-| you wanna sound like the record) |-7-7-------7-7-7-7-| |-8-8-------8-8-8-8-| |-------------------| |-------------------| |-------------------|X1|-------------------| Bb If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break Eb Bb If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break F Bb Everybody saying this is a day only The Lord could make Well I worked on the levee Mama, both night and day Well I worked on the levee Mama, both night and day I got to the river and I threw my clothes away I paid my time and now I'm as good as new I paid my time and now I'm as good as new They can't take me back, not unless I want them to If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break Some of these people gonna strip you of all they can take I can't stop here, I ain't ready to unload I can't stop here, I ain't ready to unload Riches and salvation can be waiting behind the next bend in the road I picked you up from the gutter and this is the thanks I get I picked you up from the gutter and this is the thanks I get You say you want me to quit ya, I told you no, not just yet I look in your eyes, I see nobody else but me I look in your eyes, I see nobody other than me I see all that I am and all I hope to be If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break Some of these people don't know which road to take When I'm with you I forget I was ever blue When I'm with you I forget I was ever blue Without you there's no meaning in anything I do Some people on the road carrying everything that they own Some people on the road carrying everything that they own Some people got barely enough skin to cover their bones Put on your cat clothes, Mama, put on your evening dress Put on your cat clothes, Mama, put on your evening dress A few more years of hard work then there'll be a thousand years of happiness If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break I tried to get you to love me, but I won't repeat that mistake If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break Plenty of cheap stuff out there still around to take I woke up this morning, butter and eggs in my bed I woke up this morning, butter and eggs in my bed I ain't got enough room to even raise my head Come back, baby, say we never more will part Come back, baby, say we never more will part Don't be a stranger without a brain or heart If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break If it keep on rainin' the levee gonna break Some people still sleepin', some people are wide awake ---------------------------------------------------------- Ain't Talkin' Words and Music by Bob Dylan Play it with a Capo in the 4th fret,Chords are relative to the capo. Em : 022000 without capo G#m : 466444 Am : x02210 without capo C#m : x46654 D : xx0232 Without capo F# : 244344 Intro : This is just how I pick it you can use it as a reference. Intro : ------- Em Am Em Am Em Am Em |-------0-|-2s3-0---0-|--------0-|-0-----| |---0---1-|-0-----0-1-|-----0--1-|-0-----| |-----0-2-|-0-------2-|---0----2-|-0-----| |-2-----2-|-2-------2-|-2------2-|-------| |-2-----0-|---------0-|----------|-------| |-0-------|-----------|-0--------|-0-----| x2 Chords Picking Pattern : (also played with lots of vatiations throughout) Em Am |-----------0---------|-----------0---------| |-------0-----0-----0-|---1---1-----1-----1-| |---0-------------0---|-2---2---2-----2-----| |-2---2---2-----2-----|-2---------------2---| |-2-------------------|-0-------------------| |-0-------------------|---------------------| Em Em As I walked out tonight in the mystic garden Em Em The wounded flowers were dangling from the vines Am Am I was passing by yon cool and crystal fountain Em Em Someone hit me from behind Em Em Ain't talkin', just walkin' Am Em Through this weary world of woe Em Em Heart burnin', still yearnin' Am(strum) D(strum) Em No one on earth would ever know They say prayer has the power to help So pray from the mother In the human heart an evil spirit can dwell I'm trying to love my neighbor and do good unto others But oh, mother, things ain't going well Ain't talkin', just walkin' I'll burn that bridge before you can cross Heart burnin', still yearnin' They'll be no mercy for you once you've lost Now I'm all worn down by weepin' My eyes are filled with tears, my lips are dry If I catch my opponents ever sleepin' I'll just slaughter them where they lie Ain't talkin', just walkin' Through the world mysterious and vague Heart burnin', still yearnin' Walking through the cities of the plague Interlude : Em Em Em Em The whole world is filled with speculation The whole wide world which people say is round They will tear your mind away from contemplation They will jump on your misfortune when you're down Ain't talkin', just walkin' Eatin' hog eyed grease in hog eyed town Heart burnin' – still yearnin' Someday you'll be glad to have me around Interlude : Em Em Em Em They will crush you with wealth and power Every waking moment you could crack I'll make the most of one last extra hour I'll avenge my father's death then I'll step back Ain't talkin', just walkin' Hand me down my walkin' cane Heart burnin', still yearnin' Got to get you out of my miserable brain Interlude : Em Em Em Em All my loyal and much loved companions They approve of me and share my code I practice a faith that's been long abandoned Ain't no altars on this long and lonesome road Ain't talkin', just walkin' My mule is sick, my horse is blind Heart burnin', still yearnin' Thinkin' ‘bout that gal I left behind It's bright in the heavens and the wheels are flying Fame and honor never seem to fade The fire's gone out but the light is never dying Who says I can't get heavenly aid? Ain't talkin', just walkin' Carrying a dead man's shield Heart burnin', still yearnin' Walkin' with a toothache in my heel The suffering is unending Every nook and cranny has it's tears I'm not playing, I'm not pretending I'm not nursing any superfluous fears Ain't talkin', just walkin' Walkin' ever since the other night Heart burnin', still yearnin' Walkin' ‘til I'm clean out of sight Interlude : Em Em Em Em x2 As I walked out in the mystic garden On a hot summer day, hot summer lawn Excuse me, ma'am I beg your pardon There's no one here, the gardener is gone Ain't talkin', just walkin' Up the road around the bend Heart burnin', still yearnin' In the last outback, at the world's end Outro : same as intro with strumming and celloes then end on Em |--3--| |--5--| |--4--| |--5--| |--x--| |--x--| ---------------------------------------------------------------------- That's all,I hope this could help anyone,any comments or requests : [email protected] Salut for the Working Man


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