Muse Dracula Mountain bass tab

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Dracula Mountain by Muse Chris and Dom (From Muse) - Dracula Mountain Read this before commenting or rating: video, I tabbed it from this vid. So I hear everything clear. It`s pretty messy and noisy so don`t expect I have EVERYthing without a note missed, if want to cover it then give it your twist. Comments and critics are welcome, only if you explain (in a proper way) what`s wrong. But don`t comment like: ‘The original is so much better,’ Muse can never beat Lightnig Bolt.’ Or ‘Muse is 1000 times better than Lightnig Bolt.’ (There are many at the YouTube vid) It are only Dom and Chris (Ask the guy from the vid, if you don`t believe it) But, please rate! Tuning: Dropped D, Effect: Distortion/Fuzz Intro, till 00:19, some noise, heavy vibrato. Main riff 00:19 (And repeated later) G|-----------9-10-10-/14-14--|----------9-10-10-10-10-| D|--12-12-12-----------------|-12-12-12---------------| A|---------------------------|------------------------| D|---------------------------|------------------------| |-----------9-10-10-/14-14--|---------------------------| |--12-12-12-----------------|--12-12-12-15-13-13-13-13--| |---------------------------|---------------------------| |---------------------------|---------------------------| |-----------9-10-10-/14-14--|-----------9-10-10-10-10--| |--12-12-12-----------------|--12-12-12----------------| |---------------------------|--------------------------| |---------------------------|--------------------------| |-----------9-10-10-14-14--|--14-12-10-----------------| |--12-12-12----------------|-----------14-12-12-12-12--| |--------------------------|---------------------------| |--------------------------|---------------------------| Faster, the low riff at around 00:30, repeated around 4 times |-------------------|---------------------| |-------------------|--5-----6---6--7--7--| |--5---5-----5------|------5--------------| |----------0-----0--|---------------------| The last bar I`m not completely sure about. That not so clear to hear. Could also be this: |-------------------|---------------------| |-------------------|--5-5-0--6-6-0-7--7--| |--5---5-----5------|---------------------| |----------0-----0--|---------------------| 00:39, with the high notes between. Now it gets pretty messy. I can`t hear all notes so this is less accurate. Repeat every section (Most of the time two bars) a few times |--7-------------|------------------------| |----------------|--5-----6---6--7--7-----| |---------5------|------5---------------5-| |------0------0--|------------------------| |--7--7------------|-----------------------| |------------------|--5-----6---6--7--7----| |-----------5------|------5--------------5-| |--------0------0--|-----------------------| From Dm to Em |--9---------------|----------------------| |------------------|--7------8---8--9--9--| |-----------7------|------7---------------| |--------0------0--|----------------------| Or it`s like this: (Can`t hear it well) |--9--------------|----------------------| |-----------------|--7-7-0-6-6-0-8-8---0-| |----------7------|----------------------| |------0-------0--|----------------------| And |--9--9--------------|----------------------| |--------------------|--7------8---8--9--9--| |-------------7------|------7---------------| |----------0------0--|----------------------| 1:06, slower A B |----------------------|----------------------| |------7---------7-----|------7---------7-----| |--5------5--5------5--|--5------5--5------5--| |----------------------|----------------------| C D E |----------------------|----------------------|------------/6--6--6--6--| |------7---------7-----|------7---------7-----|------7------------------| |--5------5--5------5--|--5------5--5------5--|--5------5---------------| |----------------------|----------------------|-------------------------| You can see that bars A, B, C, and D are exactly the same. First play A-B-C-D-E x2 (Or as many times as you want) then B-C-D-E. So it gets shorter, last times only bar E Listen to the jam you`ll hear it. If you really don`t understand this, then send me a message. Then the main riff, (The beginning riff) it maybe has some variation this time. After the main riff play it same an octave lower: This is the riff on octave lower and an alternative version. Chris Slides high on the neck in some songs (MotP, Glorious) |----------------------------|---------------------------| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |--12-12-12-14-15-15-/19-19--|--12-12-12-14-15-15-15-15--| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |--12-12-12-14-15-15-/19-19--|--12-12-12-15-13-13-13-13--| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |--12-12-12-14-15-15-/19-19--|--12-12-12-14-15-15-15-15--| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |----------------------------|---------------------------| |--12-12-12-14-15-15-/19-19--|--19-17-15-14-12-12-12-12--| You can also play it likes this on the higher D-string as in the beginning. If you want to play this like in the beginning, then do the same but begin on the fifth on the A-string. Comments and critics are welcome, only if you give an explanation with it.


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