INCUBUS Drive (3) guitar tab

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Drive (3) by Incubus INCUBUS - Drive (3) guitar tab Robert Seder [[email protected]] (original) From: David Mazur <[email protected]> Quy Nguyen [[email protected]] (solo) From: k l <[email protected]> From: "Maniac PC" <[email protected]> Subject: i/incubus/ Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 03:06:56 +0000 Drive By Incubus >From The "Make Yourself" LP & "Drive" Single x = Death Note / = Slide Up = Slide Down HRM = Natural Harmonic on Indicated Fret U = Use the pick going up in the chord DW = Use the pick going down in the chord Standard Tuning (e,B,G,D,A,E) INTRO ~~~~~ This way is how you can play the intro, almost a big part of the song is this way too, with a little variations of how many times you play the chords, you may able to play almost the entire song with this part. Em D Em e||-----------0---0--0--|--0--x--x----x--------|------------0----0--0-| B||-----------8---8--8--|--8--x--7----7--------|------------5----5--5-| G||-----------9---9--9--|--9--x--7----7--------|------------4----4--4-| D||------9----9---------|--------0----0-----0--|------------5----5--5-| A||---------------------|--------5----5--0-----|--3----3--------------| E||-0-------------------|--------x----x--------|----------------------| U U U U DW U U U U DW U U U U DW Gadd9 Em D e||-0--x---------------|------------0----0--0--|--0--x--x----x---------| B||-5--x--0---0--------|------------8----8--8--|--8--x--7----7---------| G||-4--x--4---4-----0--|------------9----9--9--|--9--x--7----7---------| D||-5--x--5---5-----0--|-------9----9----------|--------0----0-------0-| A||-------0---0--0-----|-----------------------|--------5----5----0----| E||-------5---5--------|--0--------------------|--------x----x---------| U U U U DW U U U U DW U U U U DW Em Gadd9 e||------------0----0--0--|--0--x------------------|| B||------------5----5--5--|--5--x--0----0----------|| G||------------4----4--4--|--4--x--4----4-------0--|| D||------------5----5--5--|--5--x--5----5-------0--|| A||--3----3---------------|--------0----0----0-----|| E||-----------------------|--------5----5~~~-------|| U U U U DW U U U U DW VERSE ~~~~~ Just repeat the intro 'till you get the pre-chorus PRE-CHORUS ~~~~~~~~~~ This are the chords used in this part. If you figure out it's just one finger out between A and Asus2 It's just how many times and the way you play them. Em/C A Asus2 e||-------|------------|| B||--5----|--2----0----|| G||--4----|--2----2----|| D||--5----|--2----2----|| A||--3----|--0----0----|| E||-------|------------|| Em/C A Asus2 A Asus2 A Asus2 A Em/C A Asus2 A Asus2 A Asus2 It's driven me before, it seems to have a vague Haunting mass appeal Em/C A Asus2 A Asus2 A Asus2 A Em/C A Lately I'm beginning to find that I should be the one behind the wheel Repeat this through the Chorus (Thanks Mike Mahon) e||--12--12--12--12--| B||----12--12--12----| G||------------------| D||------------------| A||------------------| E||------------------| HRM - - - - - - - NOTE: Do the same thing in the next pre-chorus ---------------------------------------------- SOLO (The Second guitar is only repeating the verse) ~~~~ e||-------------------|--7----5---3/-------|--5-------------------| B||--5--5--5--5/------|---------------------|-------3----5--3-5-3--| G||-------------------|---------------------|----------------------| D||-------------------|---------------------|----------------------| A||-------------------|---------------------|----------------------| E||-------------------|---------------------|----------------------| e||------------|----------------3--5/--7-7|--5/--10---7--5--7--| B||--5--3-5--- |--5--3-5~-----------------|--------------------| G||------------|--------------------------|--------------------| D||------------|--------------------------|--------------------| A||------------|--------------------------|--------------------| E||------------|--------------------------|--------------------| e||------------|----------------5--5--3-3-|-----------------------|| B||--5/-3--3---|--5--3-5-3----------------|--5-3/5--3-------------|| G||------------|--------------------------|-----------4-2-2-4-4~--|| D||------------|--------------------------|-----------------------|| A||------------|--------------------------|-----------------------|| E||------------|--------------------------|-----------------------|| I made a minor change in the inversion of the E minor used in the verse based on the video that came out recently. I always thought the open position E minor sounded funny, and seeing Mike play his Em at the 7th fret verified my suspicion.


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