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Junta Album by Phish PHISH - Junta Album guitar tab Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 13:09:29 -0500 From: [email protected] (Jason Sonnenschein) Subject: Phish Part2 I take no credit for the following tab... I found it at a Phish web site... FluffHead Transcription by Eric Berman ([email protected]) Click here for the lyrics page for this song. Some chords that are useful: C(I) D9/11(I) G6(I) F2(I) G(II) F2(II) P P P P E|--0--------0------10-------8------3------3-- B|--1--------3-------8-------6------0------1-- G|--0--------0-------0-------0------0------2-- D|--2-3-2----4-5-4---9-10-9--7-8-7--0------3-- A|--3--------5------10-------8------2--------- E|----------------------------------3--------- The additional notes shown after each chord rock up and back to the sus- 4 version of the chord; listen to the song and you'll hear where that note goes. The song starts out like this: |: C(I) D(I) G(I) F(I) :| (4x, I think) Then G(II) F2(II) 4x G(II) F2(II) G(II) F2(II) Fluffhead was a man G(II) F2(II) G(II) F2(II) With a horrible disease G(II) F2(II) G(II) F2(II) Could not find no cure G(II) F2(II) G(II) F2(II) Won't you help him if you please? C(I) D(I) G(I) F(I) C(I) D(I) G(II) Fluff-Head! C(I) D(I) G(I) F(I) C(I) D(I) G(II) Fluff-Head! Next verses just like the first: Fluff came to my door Askin' me for change His eyes were clear and pure But his mind was so deranged Fluff went to a banker Askin' for some bills The banker said, "I ain't got that But I sure got some powerful pills." Fluff's Travels Transcription by Tim Corley (of Hoobis Doobis) Typed in by Neil Berkman ([email protected]) Minor editorials by Eric Berman ([email protected]) These are played twice: H E|-------------9-10----12-10-9----------9--9-10-9------------------| B|-------10-12-----------------10-------10---------------9-12------| G|-11-12------------12------------11----11-------------9-----------| D|-----------------------------------12-12-----------9-------------| A|------------------------------------------------11---------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| H E|-9-------------------------| B|---12------------10--------| G|---------------9-----------| D|------11----11---------11--| A|---------12---------12-----| E|---------------------------| Then the following phrase and chords are repeated twice: E|----------------| |: E A A/B E A A/B E A A/B D :| B|----------------| G|---------4------| D|---4-6-7--------| A|-7---------7----| E|----------------| Then this twice: E|--------7-8-7-----| B|-7-8-10-------8---| G|----------------7-| D|------------------| A|------------------| E|------------------| G C D G C D G C D C D The fingerings are: C D G E:-3---5--10-| B:-1---3--8--| G:-0---0--0--| D:-2---4--9--| A:-3---5--10-| E:-----------| C/E ^ E|-----------------------------------------------5-8-0-----------| B|-3-----------------------3-----3-----3-6-0-3-6-----1-----------| G|---------------2-----2-4---2-4---2-4---------------0-----------| D|-----0-3-3-0-3---0-3-------------------------------2-----------| A|---2-----------------------------------------------3-----------| E|---------------------------------------------------0-----------| The Chase: (1:09) E|-------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------| G|-5-2-0-4-0---0-----------------------------------------| D|-----------3---2---0-3-2-----3-0---2-3-2-3---3-0---2---| A|-----------------3-------3-1-----1---------1-----1-----| E|-------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------| B|-----------------| G|-2---0-----------| D|---3---2-3-0-2---| A|---------------3-| E|-----------------| rake E|-12-10-------------------------------------------| B|-X-----11-8--------------------------------------| G|-X----------10--------------10-7----9-7---5------| D|-X-------------10-8------10------10-----8---7----| A|--------------------10-8-------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------| B|-------------------------| G|-------------------------| D|---5-8-7-----8-5---7-8-7-| A|-8-------8-6-----8-------| E|-------------------------| E|-----------------0-2-3-0---2---------------------| B|-------------------------3---3-1-3-0-----1-0-----| G|-------------2-4---------------------0-2-----0---| D|-5-4-----0-2-----------------------------------3-| A|-----0-2-----------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------9-8-----------5-4-------------------------------------------| G|---8-10-----8-6-3-4-6-----4-2-------5-4-----5-2---4-5-4-5---5-2---4-| D|-10---------------------------4-5-7-----5-3-----3---------3-----3---| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------| G|-5-2-0-4-0---0-----------------------------------------| D|-----------3---2---0-3-2-----3-0---2-3-2-3---3-0---2---| A|-----------------3-------3-1-----1---------1-----1-----| E|-------------------------------------------------------| |--Half time-> E|-----------------------------------------0---2---------------------| B|-------------------------------------------3---3-1-3-0-----1-0-3-0-| G|-2---0-----------2-0-4-0---0-----------0---------------0-2---------| D|---3---2-3-0-2-----------3---2---0-3-2-----------------------------| A|---------------3---------------3-----------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| |--Full Speed-> E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|---2-------------------------------------------------------------| G|-2---2-0-2-------0---2-0-------4-----2-------------0-----5-2-0---| D|-----------4-0-2---4-----2-4-0---5-4---5-4-0-4-0-2---4-0---------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------2---------------4---------------| G|-3-2-----4-5-2-0-4-0---0-----4-2---2---2-----6-4---4---4---------| D|-----2-3-------------3---2-0---------5---4-2---------7---6-4-----| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------0---2--------------------------------------------| B|-----5------------3---3-1-3-0-----1-----0------------------------| G|-8-6--5---5-------------------0-2---2-0---0---0------------------| D|--------8---7-5-----------------------------3---2---0-3-2--------| A|--------------------------------------------------3--------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E E|---------------------------------------------------------------0-| B|---------------------------------------------------------------0-| G|--------------------------------2---0--------------------------1-| D|-----3-0---2-3-2-3---3-0---2------3---2-3-0-2---0--------------2-| A|-3-1-----1---------1-----3--------------------3---2-3-0-2------2-| E|----------------------------------------------------------3-0--0-| Who Do? We Do!: (2:21) E|-------------16----------------------------14-15-17-18-20--| B|----14----13----14-12-------------14-16-17-----------------| G|-------15-------------13-----------------------------------| D|-16----------------------14----16--------------------------| A|----------------------------16-----------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------| Then this phrase seven times: E|-21-19--------| B|-------19-----| G|----------18--| D|--------------| A|--------------| E|--------------| E|16----------------------------------------15----------14----------| B|------------------------------------14-16----16-14-16----15-13-15-| G|---13-12-------13-12----------12-14-------------------------------| D|---------13-11-------13-11-13-------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------| /S /S /S /S /S E|-14----------14----------------------------------------------------| B|----15-13-15----15-13-------12-------13-------14-------15-------16-| G|----------------------11-12----12-13----13-14----14-15----15-16----| D|-------------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| /S /S /S /S E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------17-------18-------19-------20----------20-----------------| G|-16-17----17-18----18-19----19-20----20-18-20----20-18-20-18-----| D|-------------------------------------------------------------19--| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------19-19-19-19--------| B|-------------------19----------19--------------------------------| G|----------------------19-17-19----19-17----18--------------------| D|-17----------17-19----------------------19-----------------------| A|----18-16-18-----------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| Now these chords: B (4x) C# (2x) C (1x) D (3x) E (2x) F (3x) F#m/C#? (5x) These are fingered as: B C# C D E F F#m/C#? E:-7--9---8--10--12--13--14--- B:-7--9---8--10--12--13--14--- G:-8--10--9--11--13--14--14--- D:-9--11--10-12--14--15--15--- A:-----------------------16--- E:---------------------------- Then these chords are played 4 times: (This is under the bluesy piano part that begins at 3:15) |: Em F#m G A :| Then a D chord is played, followed by these chords 7 times: |: A E C D :| Then A E C again, and then these: Bb (3x) C (5x) Bb (3x) C (5x) D (4x) Em (3x) F#7? (2x) B5 (2x) B2 (4x) C# (2x) C (1x) D (3x) E (2x) F (3x) These are fingered as follows: Bb C D E F#7? B1 B2 C# F B5 E:-6---8--10--12--14----19--7---9---13--- B:-6---8--10--12--14----19--7---9---13--- G:-7---9--11--12--15----20--8---10--14--- D:-8---10-12--14--14----21--9---11--15-9- A:----------------16-------------------9- E:----------------14-------------------7- Then the following chords are played: F#m/C#? (5x) Gm/D? (4x) G#m/D#? (3x) Am/E? (2x) A#m/F? (1x) Bm/F#? (1x) These are fingered as: F#m/C#? Gm/D? G#m/D#? Am/E? A#m/F? Bm/F#? E:--14------15----16------17----18-----19----- B:--14------15----16------17----18-----19----- G:--14------15----16------17----18-----19----- D:--15------16----17------18----19-----20----- A:--16------17----18------19----20-----21----- E:-------------------------------------------- Clod: (4:12) This is repeated three times: ? ? slide down from this E|-6----------5------12-12-12--12-12-12--22-------------------------| B|-6--------5---5----10-10-10--10-10-10-----------------------------| G|-6------6------6---10-10-10--10-10-10-----------------------------| D|-8-----8---------8-10-10-10--10-10-10-----------------------------| A|-7----7-----------------------------------------------------------| E|-6--5-------------------------------------------------------------| Dm Tipsy fuddled boozy groggy elevated Dm C Dm Prime did edit her Dm Hellborn elfchild roadhog mountain fortune hunter Dm C Dm Man beheaded her G A Fat bulk expanse mass lump block clod Dm Tipsy fuddled boozy groggy elevated Dm C Dm Prime did edit her Next round uses the same chords: Dm Rabid victim martyr stranded Dm C Dm Level headed boy, ya better bend Dm Soon your luscious honey sugar Dm C Dm Mellifluous life is gonna end G A Fat bulk expanse mass lump block clod Dm rabid victim martyr stranded Dm C Dm level headed boy, ya better bend And of course.... G C Am7 D Fluff-Head (repeat and fade) Then play opening theme from Fluffhead. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Foam From: [email protected] (Eric Berman) Click here for the lyrics page for this song. Foam is a fairly straighforward solo to play, but it's a lot of fun nevertheless. The solo works very directly from the chords: if you look at the notes of the solo, it's really just arpeggiations that outline the chord changes. The beauty of the solo (IMHO) is how each chord leads into the next, and how the solo anticipates the chord change in such a natural way. Solo to "Foam" by Trey Anastasio and Phish Chrds:C A/C# G/D /S /S /S E|---|-----8-10-12-----12-10-|-9--------------|-----7---10---7---| B|---|---8-------------------|---10-----------|---8---8----8---8-| G|-8-|-9---------------------|------9-----9-8-|-7----------------| D|---|-----------------------|----------------|------------------| A|---|-----------------------|----------------|------------------| E|---|-----------------------|----------------|------------------| Eb+ C/E F E|-11------------|-12----10----------12---|-13----12----10----13----| B|----8----10-10-|----10----10-13-10----10|----10----10----10----10-| G|---------------|------------------------|-------------------------| D|---------------|------------------------|-------------------------| A|---------------|------------------------|-------------------------| E|---------------|------------------------|-------------------------| D/F# G E|-14----12----10----14----|-15----14----12----15----| B|----10----10----10----10-|----12----12----12----12-| G|-------------------------|-------------------------| D|-------------------------|-------------------------| A|-------------------------|-------------------------| E|-------------------------|-------------------------| E/G# Am BbMaj7 /S E|-16----14----12----16-|-17-17------------|----------------15-16-| B|----12----12----12----|---------18-17----|----------15-18-------| G|----------------------|------17-------15-|-15-14-15-------------| D|----------------------|------------------|----------------------| A|----------------------|------------------|----------------------| E|----------------------|------------------|----------------------| Am Ab C/G E|-17-17-17--------|-16-15-------------------|-------------------------| B|----------17-----|-------16----------------|-------------------------| G|-------------14--|------------13-12--------|-------------------------| D|-----------------|------------------13-----|----14-17-16-15-14-------| A|-----------------|----------------------15-|-15----------------15-16-| E|-----------------|-------------------------|-------------------------| -----/ D/F# F /S E|-------------------------|-------------------------| B|-------------15----------|-------------------------| G|-------14-16----16-14----|----14-17-16-15-14-------| D|----16----------------14-|-15----------------15-16-| A|-17----------------------|-------------------------| E|-------------------------|-------------------------| G C E|----------15-------------|-------------------------| B|-------15----17-16-15----|----20-19-18-17----------| G|----16----------------18-|-17-------------17-16-15-| D|-17----------------------|-------------------------| A|-------------------------|-------------------------| E|-------------------------|-------------------------| A/C# G Eb+ /S E|-------------------------|----------------|------------------------| B|----17-16-15-14----------|----------14-15-|-16------------12----12-| G|-14----------------14-15-|-16-16-16-------|----16---11-12----13----| D|----------------14-------|----------------|------------------------| A|-------------------------|----------------|------------------------| E|-------------------------|----------------|------------------------| -----------+ C/E F D/F# /S E|--------------|-------------|-------------------------| B|-------12-----|----13----13-|----12----12----12----12-| G|-14-------14--|-14----14----|-14----13----12----11----| D|----14--------|-------------|-------------------------| A|--------------|-------------|-------------------------| E|--------------|-------------|-------------------------| -------+ G E/G# Am BbMaj7 /S S E|---------------|-----------|-----19-17-17-|-18-------20-17-----| B|------15-17-15-|-17-----17-|-17-----------|-------18-----------| G|-12---12-14-12-|-13--16----|-14-----------|----19-----------16-| D|---------------|-----------|--------------|--------------------| A|---------------|-----------|--------------|--------------------| E|---------------|-----------|--------------|--------------------| Am Ab C/G /S P E|-------19-18--16----|----16-15----------|-------15----15---| B|----17-----------17-|-16-------16-------|------------------| G|-17-----------------|-------------17----|------------------| D|--------------------|----------------18-|-17-17----17------| A|--------------------|-------------------|------------------| E|--------------------|-------------------|------------------| D/F# F G E|-------14----14-|-------13----13-|----12----11----12----11-| B|----------------|----------------|-------------------------| G|----------------|----------------|-------------------------| D|-16-16----16----|-15-15----15----|-14----13----12----11----| A|----------------|----------------|-------------------------| E|----------------|----------------|-------------------------| (Notice: the rest of the solo is simply octaves on the bass note of the chord. Kind of makes it simple. My notes are only approximate; the fingerings/frets should be right, but listen to the song to get the exact feel) C A/C# G Eb+# E|--------8----8--|-------9-----9--|-------10----10-|------11-----11-| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|-10-10----10----|-11-11----11----|-12-12----12----|-13-13----13----| A|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| C/E F D/F# G E|-------12----12-|-------13----13-|-------14----14-|------15-----15-| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|-14-14----14----|-15-15----15----|-16-16----16----|-17-17----17----| A|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| E/G# Am BbMaj7 Am E|-------16----16-|-------17----17-|-------18----18-|------17-----17-| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|-18-18----18----|-19-19----19----|-20-20----20----|-19-19----19----| A|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| Ab C/G D/F# F E|-------16----16-|-------15----15-|-------14----14-|------13-----13-| B|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| D|-18-18----18----|-17-17----17----|-16-16----16----|-15-15----15----| A|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| E|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------| G E|-15-| B|----| G|----| D|-17-| A|----| E|----| And of course, the outtro riff: (8th notes throughout) /S E|12-------------------|-----------12--12-|-15-12-----12--17-15-| B|-------12-15-12------|-13--13--13--15---|------13-15--13------| G|--12-14--------12-14-|---14--14---------|---------------------| D|---------------------|------------------|---------------------| A|---------------------|------------------|---------------------| E|---------------------|------------------|---------------------| E|-13-12-------12--------| B|-------13-15---13------| G|-----------------14-12-| D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| Then up two frets: /S E|14-------------------|-----------14--14-|-17-14-----14--19-17-| B|-------14-17-14------|-15--15--15--17---|------15-17--15------| G|--14-16--------14-16-|---16--16---------|---------------------| D|---------------------|------------------|---------------------| A|---------------------|------------------|---------------------| E|---------------------|------------------|---------------------| E|-15-14-------14--------| B|-------15-17---15------| G|-----------------16-14-| D|-----------------------| A|-----------------------| E|-----------------------| And up another two frets: /S E|16-------------------|-----------16--16-|-19-16-----16--21-19-| B|-------16-19-16------|-17--17--17--19---|------17-19--17------| G|--16-18--------16-18-|---18--18---------|---------------------| D|---------------------|------------------|---------------------| A|---------------------|------------------|---------------------| E|---------------------|------------------|---------------------| And the "Entertainer" theme... E|-17-16-------|-16------16-16---------|-16------16-16---------| B|-------17-19-|---17-19------17-19-17-|---17-19------17-19-17-| G|-------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| D|-------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| A|-------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| E|-------------|-----------------------|-----------------------| ---/ ---/ E|-16------16-16---------|-----12-| B|---17-19------16-19-19-|-17-----| G|-----------------------|--------| D|-----------------------|--------| A|-----------------------|--------| E|-----------------------|--------| ---/ ---/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- From [email protected] Sat Sep 16 17:07:26 1995 Received: from ([email protected] []) by (8.6.12/8.5) with ESMTP id MAA10880; Sat, 16 Sep 1995 12:07:23 -0500 Received: from ([email protected] []) by (8.6.12/8.6.4) with ESMTP id KAA13022 for <[email protected]>; Sat, 16 Sep 1995 10:07:23 -0700 Received: from [] ( []) by (8.6.12/8.6.12) with SMTP id NAA37878; Sat, 16 Sep 1995 13:07:12 -0400 X-Sender: [email protected] (Unverified) Message-Id: <[email protected][]> Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 13:09:45 -0500 To: [email protected] From: [email protected] (Jason Sonnenschein) Subject: Phish Part1 Cc: [email protected] Status: O I take no credit for the following tab... I found it at a Phish web page. Junta ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dinner and a Movie From: [email protected] (David Douglas McCallum) Click here for the lyrics page for this song. Here's what I could figure out of this crazy tune. My tab features a new [for me] notation underneath that designates what fingers I use for each note, as some of the stretches might not be that easy or obvious to some players. Of course, this is subjective, and if you figure out an easier way to play it, please let me know. Intro chords: Am7 F7 1st verse - no chords (*Guess* what the lyrics are! ;^) Am7 F7 Let's go out to dinner and see a movie Am7 F7 Let's go out to dinner and see a movie Am7 Bb Let's go out to dinner - and see a movie B C Let's go out to dinner and see a movie Piano & guitar riff [Play 4x - 1st two: piano & guitar in unison, 2nd two: p&g harmonize] S/ E|--------------8-10--------------------------------9------------------- B|------------11----11-10-------------------------13-13-9--------------- G|-----------8----------10-------------------10-13-------10------------- D|----8-12-10------------10-------------10-11--------------11-10-------- A|------------------------11-10-------11------------------------11-10--- E|8-11-------------------------11-9-13-------------------------------11- 1 4 1 4 3 1 4 1/ 2 1| 2 1 2 1 4 2 1 2 1 4| 1 4 1 2 3 2 3 2 3 Guitar Solo Piano & guitar riff again "Sing-song" section [play 4x] Amaj7 Dmaj7 Let's go out to dinner and see a movie Last verse Am7 F7 Let's go out to dinner and see a movie Am7 F7 Let's go out to dinner and see a movie Am7 Bb Let's go out to dinner - and see a movie Bdim Cdim Let's go out to dinner and see a movie ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Divided Sky From: Kirk Mehtlan ([email protected]) From: Eric Berman ([email protected]) Click here for the lyrics page for this song. Intro theme: |: A D9/A (4 times) C/A A(9) :| C/A E (A) "Ahh... Divided sky, the wind..." The chords are played like this: A C D9 E:--0---0---12-- B:--5---8---10-- G:--6---9---11-- D:--7---10--12-- A:--0-------0--- This is followed by a few measures of really ecclectic stuff that I haven't fully figured out (yet). The ecclectic portion, however, ends with 6 notes that lead into some relatively straightforward chords; no timing information is shown below, you have to listen to the song to see where the changes are. The 6 notes are G A B G# A# C, and the chords are: |: A A/C# G/D G/B A/C# D/A G/B A :| D9 The D9 here is played with an open E string, like this: D9 E:--0- B:--3- G:--2- D:--0- A:---- This leads into the following chords that are in something like a 15/8 time; it flows very naturally, but is not a straight 4/4 (I think it jumps around; I haven't really broken it down all the way yet). Each pair of chords in parentheses below is repeated 3 times. (Am7 Bm7) (Cm7 Dm7) (Ebm7 Fm7) (F#m7 Abm7) (Am7 Bm7) I'm fairly certain that Trey is using the standard Jazz fingering for these minor 7 chords: Am7 Bm7 (etc.) E:--5-----7- B:--5-----7- G:--5-----7- D:--5-----7- A:---------- E:--5-----7- The idea is that you use your 2nd finger on the 6th string and the 3rd finger barred across the other 4 strings, and you play all of these chords in the same way, just changing your position on the fretboard. Anyhow, this leads directly into the first guitar solo. The bend on the first note and the slide, pull-offs, hammer ons, and vibrato, are the keys to playing this right. Again, no timing information is shown (sorry). Solo 1: A C F#m E D 1 / P P P P H ~ E|------9----------------------------------------------------------| B|-12-----12-9-9------------------10-9-------12----------------10--| G|---------------11-9-----9------------9--------11-(9)-------------| D|--------------------11----11-9---------9-------------11-9-11-----| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B A /S P H ~ P H ~ P H /S ~ E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| B|-----------------12------------12------------12-10---------10----| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------| D|-11-13--13-11-13------13-11-13-----13-11-13--------11-9-11-------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| This repeats twice, on the second time playing this bridge: A E Eb F# A C 1 / P P E|------9-------------------------------------------9-9-11-12-| B|-12-----12-9-9------------------------10-11-11-13-----------| G|---------------11-9-----9--9-11-12-12-----------------------| D|--------------------11--------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------| Eb F# A E|-12-14-15--15-17-18---18-20-21--------| B|--------------------------------------| G|--------------------------------------| D|--------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------| The solo repeats twice more, ending like this: A E D/E E A/E Emaj7 A/E E D/E Gm7 Gm7b5 F 1 | / P P v E|------9------------------------------------------------------------| B|-12-----12-9-9--------------7--9--10---9---10--9--7--11---11----10-| G|---------------11-9-----9---7--9--9----8---9---9--7--10---10----10-| D|--------------------11------7--9--11---9---11--9--7--12---11----10-| A|----------------------------7--7-------7-------7--7--10---10----8--| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| The organ plays on the F chord very quietly as the second solo starts. Notice the implied notes (in parentheses); these are sometimes played, sometimes not, but they are very important to the feel of the song. Don't emphasize them too much; they should be used as passing guide tones. Solo 2: F Bb C Am7 H H H P E|----------13---------------13-12-10----12-10----12-(10)-12-10----| B|-------10---------------10----------12-------12---------------13-| G|-10-12------------10-12------------------------------------------| D|-------------(10)------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| Dm7 Gm7 C F H H P H H E|----------10------------10---------------------------------------| B|-------10-------------10---13-11----13-11--(11)-13-(11)-13-11-10-| G|-10-12-----------10-12----------(12)-----12----------------------| D|-------------(10)------------------------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------------------------------| This repeats 4 times, the fourth time ending on a BbMaj7 instead of an F, then it plays this bridge: Dm7 Am7 BbMaj7 F /S E|----10-12-13----10-13-12----10-12-10-17-15-13------| B|-10----------10----------13-------------------13---| G|---------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------| Dm7 Am7 Gm7 C E|----------------------------------------------| B|----------------15-13----------------------13-| G|----12-14----14-------14-12-14-15-12-14-15----| D|-15-------15----------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------| The solo repeats 2 more times (substituting the BbMaj7 on the last time again), then plays the bridge again with more distortion on the guitar, then repeats the solo 2 more times, again substituting the Bbmaj7 and holding the last note as long as possible. This leads into (yes, you guessed it).... Solo 3 (Ending theme): D D/C Bm7 D/A Em Em/Eb Em/D Em/C#* E:--17------14-15-17-------------14-15-17---------------- B:---------------------15-17----------------------------- Em Em/Eb Em/D Em/C# E:---------19----15-17-19----- B:--------------------------- D D/C Bm7 D/A E:--14-14-14----14-15-17----------------- B:--------------------------------------- D D/C Bm7 BbMaj7 E:-17-14----19-17-15-14------------ B:-------15-------------15-17-15--- A D D/C Bm7(D/B) D/A, etc. E:-----------------15-14--------------------------------------------- B:--14-------15-15-------17----14-14-12-14-15------------------------ (*Note: an alternate way to notate this progression is Em Eb+ G/D C#mb5; this highlights the falling baseline a bit better at the expense of making the chords seem a lot more complicated.) Finally, the outtro chords are as follows: |: D D/C D/B D/A :| D D/C D/B Bb6 Eb Eb/Db Eb/C B6 E E/D E/C# C6 B E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Esther Eric Berman ([email protected]) (Music and Lyrics - Trey Anastasio) Click here for the lyrics page for this song. Here's how to play the main riff chords in the song. The chords are shown in the inversion that you should use, top note on top and bottom note on bottom: F/C F+/C# Dm F7/Eb BbMaj7/D BbmMaj7/Db Am7 Gm7 C7 --- --- --- ---- --- --- --- --- --- A A A A A A G Bb Bb F F F F F F E G G C C# D Eb D Db C F E D (Notice that in the BbMaj7 and BbmMaj7/Db, the Bb is implied. When Mike comes in on the bass, the bass plays the Bb, but the organ doesn't. Likewise, the A isn't stated in the Am7 until Mike plays it on the bass.) There are other chords in the song, but the fingering on them isn't as important as for these, so you can use whatever is comfortable. Most of the song, especially at the start, has an "oom-pah-pah" feel (which kind of makes sense, since the song is in 3/4.) To play the chords correctly, play the bass note, then the other two notes twice. For example, the intro starts like this: F/C F+/C# Dm F+/C# ----- ------ ----- ------ A A A A A A A A F F F F F F F F C C# D C# .... Find a good Hammond patch to play it with and your all set... "Circus theme" Intro: F E Eb E Eb D C# C B C Intro: F/C F+/C# Dm F+/C# F/C F+/C# Dm F+/C# F/C F+/C# Dm F7/Eb It was late one fall night at a fairground near town BbMaj7/D BbmMaj7/Db F/A When Esther first saw the Armenian man Am7 Dm Who grovelled toward her and stood by her side Gm7 C7 With a bucket that swung in his hand (Bass joins in here> F/C F+/C# Dm F7/Eb His grin stretched the folds of his pasty white cheeks BbMaj7 BbmMaj7 F/A And his lips hurled a dollop of murk on the curb Am7 Dm And the lights from the rides showed a mischievous sparkle Gm7 C7 That flashed in his hollow eyed stare (same) He said "Little girl, you can chop off my legs And then peel off my socks if you want to. But I'd rather you took this old puppet from me That I hold in my pail as we speak." (same except transition chords at end of verse) And he stood looking down at the innocent girl And she stared at the bucket bewildered Til he lifted the doll for the young girl to see Gm7b5/Db Eb <--transition chords And a giant smile grew on his face Ab Adim Bbm Eb She saw the doll's eyes and she couldn't resist Ddim Db Bbm Eb And she thanked the man quickly and ran to the church Ab Adim Bbm Eb And she burst through the door with puppet held high Ddim Db Bbm And a hush filled the chapel, and the people looked mean C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab Ab F E Eb E F E Eb E B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G E Eb D Eb E Eb D Eb D A/C# C G/B Esther tried in vain to pacify the mob Bb D/A E7/G# Gm Quibble grew to spat, to wrangle, then to brawl D/F# G E7/G# A The frenzied congregation struggled desperately to fetch A7 A6 A Dm7 The pretty puppet snugly nestled deep in Esther's leather sack (Dm7 arpegiation on guitar/piano:) F D F A C F A C D A C D F C D F A D F A C F A C D (same chords as earlier verses) Through the window of the church a storm began to rage And Esther knew the time had come to flee She scurried down the aisle toward the doorway in the distance And out into the rainstorm where she felt she would be free But the wind was blowing harder And her skirt began to billow Until finally her feet began to lift And she rose above the people and the houses and the chimneys Gm7b5/Db Eb And Esther and the doll were set adrift Ab Adim Bbm Eb Ddim Db Floating higher over the hills, and the valleys and treetops Bbm Eb they'd flutter and glide Ab Adim Bbm Eb Soaring and turning suspended on air Ddim Db Bbm With the earth far below them they'd tumble Eb E And dive through the clouds "Flying jam" chord progression: E->Em->F#m7->F#->B C7 transition to guitar solo, then chords from the verses under the solo, then back to the flying jam chords. At the end of this, hold the B chord and play the following B arpeggio on the guitar: B D# F# D# (repeat) (B arpeggiation) And she began to plummet earthward till she Landed in the nasty part of town Em (Bass goes E->Eb->D->Eb and repeats) She glanced about the village sure to find the evil men Fm Who rob and pillage in the darkest hour of night Ebm Nervously she fumbled for the pouch that held the Em Puppet on her rump. (Same) Feeling quite outnumbered Esther hid behind A nearby pile of lumber, where she waited Till the dawn Cause it would have been a blunder to Succumb to a hoodlum on the prowl D A/C# C G/B When the morning came, she wandered through the streets Bb D/A E7/G# Gm Along the chilly lake that lay beside the town D/F# G E7/G# A At last a peaceful moment, but she thought she heard a sound A7 A6 A Dm7 (arpeggiation) It was an angry mob of joggers coming up to knock her down (same chords as verses) As Esther stood and shook her head The joggers were approaching And she knew she had no choice left but to swim As the frosty water sank its bitter teeth into her hide She tried to slide the heavy clothing from her skin Naked now she made her way toward the shore When suddenly she felt a tiny tugging at her toe. And the puppet she'd fogotten wrapped its tiny Gm7b5/Db Eb Little arms around her ankle and wouldn't let her go. Ab etc... The waves seemed to open and swallow her whole As the doll pulled her down through the eerie green deep And the sound of the laughing old man filled her ears As she drifted away to a tranquil E (flying jam) And motionless sleep. Cool guitar solo over flying jam: E Em E|-------------|-15-12-12----------------| B|-12-14-------|----------12-12-------12-| G|-------13-13-|----------------12-14----| D|-------------|-------------------------| A|-------------|-------------------------| E|-------------|-------------------------| F#m F# /2 E|-17-14-14--17-(17)-14-14--------|-18-14-14---18-14-14--| B|--------------------------------|----------------------| G|--------------------------------|----------------------| D|--------------------------------|----------------------| A|--------------------------------|----------------------| E|--------------------------------|----------------------| B E Em E|-19-|-------------|-15-12-12----------------| B|----|-12-14-------|----------12-12-------12-| G|----|-------13-13-|----------------12-14----| D|----|-------------|-------------------------| A|----|-------------|-------------------------| E|----|-------------|-------------------------| F#m F# /2 E|-17-14-14--17-(17)-14-14--------|-18-14-14---18-14-14--| B|--------------------------------|----------------------| G|--------------------------------|----------------------| D|--------------------------------|----------------------| A|--------------------------------|----------------------| E|--------------------------------|----------------------| B E E|-19--|-21-23--|-12-| B|-----|--------|----| G|-----|--------|----| D|-----|--------|----| Strike and hold an E chord to end. A|-----|--------|----| E|-----|--------|----| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fee From: Eric Berman ([email protected]) From: David Douglas McCallum ([email protected] Click here for the lyrics page for this song. Cm Abm In the cool shade of the banana tree Bbm Gbm On the rugged trail toward the balcony Gbm7 Db A child of the twentieth century Ab A dried up Goliath and a weasel named Fee (same chords for each verse) Far away in another place A fading beauty named Milly Grace A gospel singer with pocks on her face And a bamboo cane to help her keep the pace Fee was a Buddhist prodigy Long past the age of maturity Someday he knew it would set him free Like it did for Floyd the chimpanzee Eb Bb Db Oh, Fee, you're trying to live a life Ab That's completely free. Eb You're racing with the wind Bb You're flirting with death Gm7 So have a cup of coffee Ab And catch your breath Piano solo after the chorus: Cm Bb Ab Eb Fm7 Cm7 Bb Fee first met Milly in a bar in Peru His heart was jumping like a kangaroo Like a beast in a cage in an old Dutch zoo It was hopping and thumping in wooden shoes But Floyd was jealous and alone He wanted Milly for his own A desperate craving in his bones "Their love", he said, "I will not condone." Then one day on a ship to Quebec Floyd found Milly on a lover's trek He picked up a bottle and broke off the neck It sliced through the air, and Fee hit the deck Oh, Fee, you're trying to live a life That's completely free You want to stay with Milly Until you're dead But you just got a bottle Upside your head Milly turned and began to scream at Floyd She said "You think you're pretty mean" And though she was as thin as a small string bean She slammed him in the face with a nectarine Floyd fell back over the edge of the ship Till he hung from the rail by his fingertip Milly said, "Floyd I'll make you lose your grip With this tiny piece of paper I can make you slip" So Milly took that paper and did the deed Floyd hit the water with astonishing speed And as the sharks circled and began to feed Milly knew her weasel was finally free Oh, Fee, you're trying to live a life That's completely free Floyd is dead; he's nothing but a ripple Cause Milly took that paper And sliced him on the nipple From: David Douglas McCallum ([email protected]) Also, the key you put it in is the old one that they recorded it in for Junta and used to play years ago. Nowadays they have dropped it one half step. This allows the use of open chords [which Trey did, when I watched him] and is a bit easier on the vocal chords - mine anyway. I would hope that the full version would make it into the CHORDS file. P.S. The version of Fee from Ian's Farm - 8/27/87 has the piano solo section going through twice each time...more room for Page to stretch out =^) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- From [email protected] Sat Sep 16 17:06:56 1995 Received: from ([email protected] []) by (8.6.12/8.5) with ESMTP id MAA10866; Sat, 16 Sep 1995 12:06:52 -0500 Received: from ([email protected] []) by (8.6.12/8.6.4) with ESMTP id KAA11397 for <[email protected]>; Sat, 16 Sep 1995 10:06:52 -0700 Received: from [] ( []) by (8.6.12/8.6.12) with SMTP id NAA116442; Sat, 16 Sep 1995 13:06:40 -0400 X-Sender: [email protected] (Unverified) Message-Id: <[email protected][]> Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 13:09:14 -0500 To: [email protected] From: [email protected] (Jason Sonnenschein) Subject: Phish Part3 Cc: [email protected] Status: O I take no credit for the following tab, I found it at a Phish Web site Golgi Apparatus From: [email protected] From: Eric Berman ([email protected]) Click here for the lyrics page for this song. Hello everyone, I was bored yesterday afternoon, so I decided to transcribe the music to Golgi. I am pretty sure that this is correct, but if you find a mistake or know a better way to play this, please let me know. Also, I have given the chord formations for those of you how may not know how to fret some of these notes. Golgi Apparatus: music notation for guitar w/lyrics from the "lyrics file" (chords are placed over lyrics for emphasis, but the rhythm is obviously much more complex) F#+ G G G I look into the finance box just to check my status C/G (status) G G G G I look into the microscope, See a Golgi Apparatus Gm7(I) -> Am7 -> Fm7 -> Gm7(II) (SEE BELOW FOR CHORD FORMATIONS) Eb F Bb Golgi, oh, woe is me Eb F Bb You can't even see the sea Eb F Bb Golgi, olgi, ho ooo olgi Golgi C9 -> C#9 -> D9 G G G G G They call him lysasome 'Cause he runs so fast Runs like a junkyard dog with a brain of brass Gm7(I) -> Am7 -> Fm7 -> Gm7(II) (SEE BELOW FOR CHORD FORMATIONS) Eb F Bb Golgi, oh, woe is me Eb F Bb You can't even see the sea Eb F Bb Golgi, olgi, ho ooo olgi Golgi C9 -> C#9 -> D9 CHORUS:* G G7 I saw you... (x3) C C/F With a ticket stub in your hand G G I saw you.... F--->----->---------->------------>------- (pedal on E string) Under the light, middle of the night, couldn't get it wrong... (REPEAT CHORUS) So I had to..... (and into Trey's most excellent solo.... tablature follow) Chord Forms: (intro) (See a Golgi Appa...) (Golgi woe) (before chorus) F#+ Gm7(I) Gm7(II) Am7 Eb F Bb C9 C#9 D9 E--x-------10-----3-------5-----x------6---3----4----5 B--7-------11-----3-------5-----8--10--6---3----4----5 G--7-------10-----3-------5-----8--10--7---3----4----5 D--8-------12-----3-------5-----8--10--8---2----3----4 A--9-------10-----x-------x-----6--8---8---3----4----5 E--x-------x------x-------x------------6-------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Golgi Solo From: [email protected] From: [email protected] (Michael David Bruce) ---> A few things for those who are not totally familiar with guitar tablature notation: Tablature cannot convey precise information about timing and the duration of notes. Nor does it help you to understand harmonic structure. BUT, it is very helpful for those like me who are not totally comfortable reading and writing in music notation. I hope that you can at least get the drift of Trey's brilliant piece of guitar playing from the notation below. I suggest you listen to the song while reading/playing this for the first time. Pretty soon you'll get it The first thing that you *should* know about the golgi solo part is that it is *not* in a straight (i.e multiple of 4) time signature--count it out!! There are 15 beats per phrase (where you would expect 16). It doesn't matter how you do it, but I find three 4/4 measures and one 3/4 measure convienient. For the 1st part of the solo (starting @ 1:25), play: Beats:(* = downbeat) * ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ E|------------------------------------| B|--3--3-4-6-66-4-3---1->>6-4-3-4-6-4-| G|--3--3-3-3-33-3-3---1---------------| D|--3--3-5-3-33-5-3---1----------3--5-| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------| ^^^^ This little thingy is *very* important, IMHO. Trey does it quite a bit in his playing. i.e. rather than just playing two notes consecutively, he sticks another note in there (cf. The divided sky slow part). They're not always that easy to hear, but without them, the music loses its feel, it's color--everything. This is what makes it interesting. The second half of the solo is the same thing with everything jacked up 2 frets (i.e. now in the key of C rather than Bb). Above is for 4 repetitions, then go up two frets: * ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ E|------------------------------------| B|--5--5-6-8-88-6-5---3->>8-6-5-6-8-6-| G|--5--5-5-5-55-5-5---3---------------| D|--5--5-7-5-55-7-5---3----------5--7-| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------| Above repeats 3 times, and the fourth is played differently: E|------------------------------------------| B|--5--5-6-8-88-6-5--->>8-6-4-6-8-9-11>>>13-| G|--5--5-5-5-55-5-5---3---------------------| D|--5--5-7-5-55-7-5---3----------------5--7-| A|------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------| NOTE: numbers directly above one another (like 5/5/5 above) are played at the SAME TIME; numbers that are not directly above one another (like B/5...G/7 above) are played in succession. AND THIS LEADS INTO THE SOLO.... E|------------------------------------------------------------------ B|-13-11->>9-9--11>>13-11-9-8-8-8^^9-11-9---------------------------| G|-------------8------------------------------11-8--11-10-9-8---10-13 D|-------------------------------------------------9---------9-11----| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|-11-9>>7-7--9>>11-9-7-6-6-6^^7-9-7-----------------------------| G|-----------6-------------------------9-6--9-8-7-6---8---11>>>--| D|-----------------------------------------7-------7-9-----------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| B|-9-7>>5-5--7>>9-7-5>4-4-4^^5-7-5--------------------------------| G|----------4-----------------------7-4--7-6-5-4-----6-9>>>-------| D|--------------------------------------5--------5-7--------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|-7-5>>3-3--5>>7-5-3>2-2-2^^3-5-3-------------------------------| G|----------2----------------------5-2--5-4-3-2-----4-7>---------| D|-------------------------------------3--------3--5-------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| And then back to: * ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ ^ * ^ ^ E|------------------------------------| B|--5--5-6-8-88-6-5---3->>8-6-5-6-8-6-| G|--5--5-5-5-55-5-5---3---------------| D|--5--5-7-5-55-7-5---3----------5--7-| A|------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------| Four times through. After the solo (which I won't repost), you go back to that main riff above (here again, it's two frets up--in C) and then suddenly, you chop it off right after the end of measure three and play: A ^ ^ ^ A ^ ^ ^ Asus4 ^ ^ ^ Asus4 ^ ^ ^ over and over again, until it feels just right. And of course, if you're phish, you change your volumes, lie down, jump up and down, play ditties over that and so on. Then for that fantastic glorious build, you play F ^ Eb ^ D ^ Eb ^ F ^ Eb ^ D ^ Eb ^ F ^ G ^ A ^ Bb ^ C ^ C# ^ D!!!!!!!! And back to the chorus. All of these are played with the D-shaped chord and then slid up and down the fretboard starting at fret 5. Play around with it. Of course, I have seen Trey use the A-shaped chord as a substitute for the first coupla bars. Depends on what you've been doing just prior to that. The beauty is that with improvisational music, nothing is set in stone. NOTES: 1) I have done my best to show the timing of the notes, but the rhythm is difficult to convey in tablature. You're going to have to listen to the song to get the time. 2) A ">" or a ">>" means that the previous note "slides" up to the next... A " ^^ " means that the note is "hammered" 3) The numbers correspond to the FRET on which that particular STRING is played ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sanity From: David Douglas McCallum ([email protected]) Click here for the lyrics page for this song. A E Sanity never came my way. (Came his way) A E Sanity never came my way. (His way) A E I don't know what I'll do today. (Way) A E 'Cause sanity never came my way. A E Lost my mind just a couple of times. (Lost his mind) A E Lost my mind just a couple of times. (His mind) A E You can spend your nickels, you can spend your dimes. (Mind) A Em7 (dirty) Bm7 But I lost my mind just a couple of times. Em7 Bm7 Em7 Bm7 Em7 F# C D E Then the little single-note phrase: B Bb A G G# E C# B E B E The same pattern continues for the other verses... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Enjoy Myself From: Eric Berman ([email protected]) Click here for the lyrics page for this song. The intro to this song has just a ton of chord arpeggios that would be too much work to tab out. For the sake of simplicity, I'll use "^" to mean "upward arpeggio" and "v" to mean "downward arpeggio". Of course, Trey being Trey, half of the arpeggios start out in one direction and finish in the other. I'll leave the direction designation off of these. Many of these arpeggios go across 6 strings, so get your fingers stretched out! For example, the Gm^ arpeggio near the start of the song is played like this (the fingerings that I use are written underneath): Gm^ E|----------------10-- B|-------------11----- G|----------12-------- D|-------12----------- A|----13-------------- E|-15----------------- 4 2 1 3 2 1 The rest of the arpeggios are left as an exercise to the reader. (Sorry). Anyhow, enough chatter. Here's the chords/tab: Intro: Bbmaj7 H H P H E|---------------------------------------------------13--------| B|----------------15-15---------------------------15----15-----| G|-------------15-------15---------------------15----------15--| etc. D|-------12-15------------15-12----------12-15-----------------| A|-12-13------------------------13-12-13-----------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| (Pause for 2 measures, then rake strings just before starting...) Gm^ Cv F^ Cv Eb^ Gm C^ Eb Bb^ F C^ Ebv Bb^ Cv Gm^ Cv F^ Bbv Eb^ Am7b5 D(2x) Eb/G(2x) D Gm Eb/G Am7b5 D(2x) G Am Bm E|----------15-----------------17----------------19------------| B|-------15----15-----------17----17----------19----19---------| G|----16----------16-----17----------17----19----------19------| D|-17-----------------19----------------21---------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| C Eb Gm/D P P P P E|-------15-20-15-----18-15----18-15-----18-15----18-15--------| B|----17----------17--------16-------16--------15-------15-----| G|-17----------------------------------------------------------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| C D E|-------15-20-15-----------17-22-17----| B|----17----------17-----19---------19--| G|-17-----------------19----------------| D|--------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------| Repeat the following 1-3-5 arpeggios 6 times: G Am Bm C E|-------10-------10------12----12-----14----14-----15----15---| B|----12-------12-------13----13-----15----15-----17----17-----| G|-12-------12--------14----14-----16----16-----17----17-------| D|-------------------------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| G (repeat a couple of times) E|-------------------| B|-------------------| G|-------------------| D|---0--0--0--0-0-0--| A|--2--2--2--2-2-2---| E|-3--3--3--3--------| (No chord) Repeat stuff between |: :| an appropriate number of times, and repeat the whole thing twice: |: :| |: :| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------12----13-------12--------------------| G|-----12--12-------14-----------------------------------------| D|---------------------12----14------12------------------------| A|---14--14------15--------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------| Snare drum hit, then repeat the following 6 times: C/E G/D Am7/C G/D H H E|----------|----------|-----------------|-----------| B|----------|----------|-----------------|-----------| G|---5--5---|---4--4---|---0-2---0-2---0-|---4--4----| D|--5--5--5-|--5--5--5-|-----------------|--5--5--5--| A|-7--7--7--|-5--5--5--|-3-----3-----3---|-5--5--5---| E|----------|----------|-----------------|-----------| Then this: C/E G/D Am7/C G/D E|----------|----------|-----------------|-----------------| B|----------|----------|-----------------|-----------------| G|---5--5---|---7--7---|-----9----11--11-|----12----12-----| D|--5--5--5-|--5--5--5-|--10----10-------|--12----12----12-| A|-7--7--7--|-5--5--5--|-----------------|-----------------| E|----------|----------|-8-----8-----8---|10----10----10---| C/E G/D Am7/C (no chord) E|---8--8---|---7--7---|---5--5----|-5---7---8----10-----| B|--8--8--8-|--8--8--8-|--5--5-----|---------------------| G|-9--9--9--|-7--7--7--|-5--5--5-5-|---7---9---11----12--| D|----------|----------|-----------|---------------------| A|----------|----------|-----------|---------------------| E|----------|----------|-----------|---------------------| E|-12----10---8----12----|-10---8---7----10---10-------------| B|-----------------------|-----------------------------------| G|----11----9---12----11-|----9---7---11---11----------------| D|-----------------------|------------------------0-0-0-0-0--| A|-----------------------|-----------------------------------| E|-----------------------|-----------------------------------| /S /S /S E|---5---8---8----10-----------|---5---8---8----10---8-----7-6-5-| B|-----------------------------|---------------------------------| G|-7---9---9---11--------------|-7---9---9---11----9---6-7---6-5-| D|-------------------0-0-0-0-0-|---------------------------------| A|-----------------------------|---------------------------------| E|-----------------------------|---------------------------------| /S * E|-3-5-7-5-----| B|-x-----------| G|-4-5-7-5--o--| D|----------o--| A|-------------| E|-------------| *=Harmonics. Funky chords with bass jam-Strum from 1st string to 6th string and play 4 times: E|-0---0---| B|-0---0---| G|-0---0---| D|-16--14--| A|-17--15--| E|-19--17--| Then these chords as triplets (let other strings ring): D A E D A E|-10--9--12-10--9---| B|-10--10-12-10--10--| G|-11--9--13-11--9---| D|-------------------| A|-------------------| E|-------------------| Then this progression 4 times: E E D/F# A/B E D/F# A/B I play these chords like this: E D/F# A/B E|-------------| B|-9---7----5--| G|-9---7----6--| D|-9---7----7--| A|-7---9----x--| E|----------7--| Then: Em7 D Em7 Fmaj7 (6x) I play these at the octave, like this: Em7 Fmaj7 E|-----12---| B|-12--13---| G|-12--14---| D|-12--14---| A|-x---x----| E|-12--13---| Then the guitar solo. Note that it uses a ton of bends and slides; do likewise, because it really makes the sound of the solo. I've put the implied notes in parentheses; this is when you bend a string to hit a note but don't pluck it again. For example 14 (16) 14 where the 14 is bent up two means to strike the string on the 14th fret, bend it up a whole step, then release the bend, all on one pluck. G F 1 1 1 /S / /S /S / P / E|---|-15-17-(19)-15---------|-----------------------------------------| B|---|--------------17-16-15-|---15------------------------------------| G|-16|-----------------------|-16--16-15-14--


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