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Schism (2) by Tool TOOL - Schism (2) guitar tab Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 12:09:36 -0400 From: Eddy Dawson / Hot Cakes <[email protected]> Subject: t/tool/ Song: Schism Artist: Tool Record: Lateralus Label: Volcano Transcribed by Edward Dawson - all my own work. This song has some weird parts in it, so some of what I've got here is bound to be a bit off. That said, it all sounds pretty accurate to me when I play along. This tab is primarily for guitar although it has a bit of bass in it also. I felt this was necessary as the guitar and bass interaction is unusually high in this particular piece. Any comments/corrections, drop me a line: [email protected] **Guitar and Bass in Dropped-D tuning** GUITAR INTRO: E|---------------------- B|---------------------- G|---3-----2----5----5-- D|---3-----3----5----5-- x 2 A|-------------(5)---7-- D|---------------------- Then the bass hits the open low D string. MAIN BASS RIFF: (Also sounds ok on a clean guitar) NOTE: on this bit there is a constant strum of an open low D string. It sounds like it's coming from the bass. If you can somehow play that whilst playing the below riff too, then that'll be exactly as the track is as far as i can tell. G|----------------------------------------- D|-------0h3-----2----------0h3-----2---5-- A|-----5------------------5---------------- D|---0------------------0------------------ *Play the final note G on the D string (5) rather than an open pick on the G as it allows you to mute the note more easily after it has been played. ACCOMPANYING GUITAR PART: Comes in with drums. On the 4th time through play the last note w/o palm muting (5). E|----------------------------------- E|---- B|----------------------------------- B|---- G|---3---2--------------3---2-----5-- x4 G|--2- and let D|----------------------------------- D|--0- ring... A|----------------------------------- A|---- D|----------------------------------- D|---- [_________Palm muted___________] Then this after the bass riff has been played another 4 times.. E|------- B|--3---- G|---2--- and let ring.... D|---0--- A|------- *Make sure to play the open D and the (2) D|------- on the G with a down stroke. Shortly followed by these two bits after two more times through the bass riff. Again, make sure to play the (2) and (0) with down strokes.... E|--3-------------------5------------ B|-----3-------------------3--------- G|--------2-------------------2------ D|--------0-------------------0------ A|----------------------------------- D|----------------------------------- Then play this steady over the top for another 4 times through the bass riff..... E|-------------- B|-------------- G|--2--2--2--2-- D|--0--0--0--0-- A|-------------- D|-------------- [Palm mute] APPREGIATED GUITAR PART: Now the guitar mirror to the bass riff comes in (hoorah!)... The bass strums a constant open A string to go with this. E|----------------------------------------- B|----------------------------------------- G|--------5----4-------------5----4-----7-- x 4 D|-----5------------------5---------------- A|--0------------------0------------------- D|----------------------------------------- The it's back to this part for a bit: E|-------------- B|-------------- G|--2--2--2--2-- The main bass riff plays along with this D|--0--0--0--0-- again... A|-------------- D|-------------- [Palm mute] Then the bass/guitar roles swap again: Guitar plays appregiated riff and bass plays constant A string. BIG RIFF: Now the 'big fat' riff comes in. Bass plays along with the bass notes of the power chords. (D|-0---3---5-3---3--5-5-0-) E|------------------------------- B|------------------------------- G|--------------------------5---- x 4 D|-0---3---5-3---3--5-5-----0---- A|-0---3---5-3---3--5-5---0------ D|-0---3---5-3---3--5-5-0-------- Then appregiated bass riff comes back in again. Wait for it to play once then hit this chord: E|----- B|--8-- G|--7-- D|--5-- A|--5-- D|----- Then carry on with the palm muted bit. Then appregiated guitar part comes back in x 4. Then the following variation on that guitar part... E|--------------------- E|------------------- B|--------------------- B|------------------- G|--------5----4----7-- x 7 G|--------5---4------ D|-----5--------------- D|-----5------------- A|--0------------------ A|--0------------0--- D|--------------------- E|------------------- Letting the open A ring (it could actually be on bass, can't really tell!).... Now theres some slight change of effect, don't know what it is exactly, but it seems to make a wishy washy noise in the background. Also sounds like the bass is playing some stuff in the background here also but cant tell what without knowing what effects were used. Someone help me out here :) Guitar plays this next part. All open notes played on the D string are actually playd on the bass I think, which is why I've put them in brackets. However they sound cool if you insert them using palm muted guitar too (it's what I do). The palm muting of the D also truncates the ring of those notes played on the G at convieniently the right place. E|------------------------------------------------------- B|------------------------------------------------------- G|--9-----12-----9-----14-----7-----9-----5-----7--5--7-- D|---(0-0----0-0---0-0----0-0---0-0---0-0---0-0)--------- A|------------------------------------------------------- D|------------------------------------------------------- Played 8 times then a gazoo type effect comes in and plays some more. Then goes back to previous effect. Then this bit comes in: E|------------------------- B|------------------------- G|--9---12---9---12---9-9-- D|------------------------- A|------------------------- D|------------------------- Gradually gets louder and builds up to.... E|----------------------------- B|------------------8--8------- G|--7--7----5--5----7--7----7-- x2 D|--7--7----5--5----5--5----7-- A|--5--5----3--3--/-5--5----5-- D|------------------5--5----0-- E|----------------------------- B|------------------8--8------- G|--7--7----5--5----7--7------- x2 D|--7--7----5--5----5--5----0-- A|--5--5----3--3----5--5----0-- D|------------------5--5----0-- E|------------------------------------------ B|------------------8--8-------------------- G|--7--7----5--5----7--7-------------------- D|--7--7----5--5----5--5----0--0-0-1-0-1-00-- A|--5--5----3--3----5--5----0--------------- D|------------------5--5----0--------------- E|----------------------------- B|------------------8--8------- G|--7--7----5--5----7--7------- D|--7--7----5--5----5--5----0-- .... A|--5--5----3--3----5--5----0-- D|------------------5--5----0-- E|----------------------------------- B|----------------------------------- G|----------------------------------- x 3 D|-0--------------------------0------ A|------5------5-------3-/-5--0------ D|----5---0--3----0--0--------0---0-- E|------------------ B|------------------ G|------------------ D|-0---------------- A|------5------5---- D|----5---0--3---0-- E|---------------------------- E|------ B|---------------------------- B|------ G|---------------------------- x 4 G|------ D|--3-0-2-0-0-3-0-2-0-5-0-0--- D|-0000- A|--3-0-2-0-0-3-0-2-0-5-0-0--- A|-0000- D|--3-0-2-0-0-3-0-2-0-5-0-0--- E|-0000- [_____Palm Muted______] [_PM_] E|----------------------- B|------5---------5------ x 4 G|------4---------4------ D|--3-x-2-x-x-3-x-2-x-5-- A|--3-x-2-x-x-3-x-2-x-5-- D|--3-x-2-x-x-3-x-2-x-5-- Then the outro riff. This is the part I'm least sure about. I'm pretty sure the guitar just does this E|--------------------------- B|--------------------------- G|--------------------------- D|--0--0-0-0----0---0-0-0--0- A|--0--0-0-0----0---0-0-0--0- ..... D|--0--0-0-0----0---0-0-0--0- Whilst the bass does this...(?) E|------------------------------------ B|------------------------------------ G|------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------ A|----0h3h5-------0h3h6-------0h3h5--- D|--0-----------0--------------------- And thats it folks! Like I say I think its all pretty accurate, but I'd be really chuffed if someone could confirm/approve what I've done here. Hopefully the pieces fit! Man, I've been dying to use that pun all the way from the start ;)


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