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Triad by Tool TOOL - Triad guitar tab From: "Steve Moore" <[email protected]> Subject: t/tool/ Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 06:21:31 SONG: Triad ARTIST: TOOL!!!!! ALBUM: Lateralus Transcribed by Steve Moore ([email protected]) And yes, this is all my own work, won't mommy be proud? This song freakin' RULES! This is my first effort at posting, sorry if it sucks. This song has a special history, I figured it out after a Tool show a few months back on an acoustic in the parking lot. I was under the influence of a certain 3 letter substance that starts with L and ends with D, and when they played this song it absolutely skullf%%ked me, I'm still recovering! If you haven't yet, GO TO A TOOL SHOW! Ok enough crap. LEGEND: /=slide up p=pull off h=hammer on ~=vibrato b=bend r=release Dropped D Tuning This song is best played as loud as your amp will go, find a little closet or bathroom and lock yourself in there and let it rip. It sounds bad ass, plus it helps with feedback and weird noises you gotta make. Oh yeah, you'll have to listen to the cd for the timing, cause I'm not about to mess with that. Intro: gradual volume increase For this part strum sort of lightly, you're just kind of dickin' around and building tension. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x--------------------------------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x--------------------------------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2p0-2h3p2p0---------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- 2-x-x2-x-x--------------------------------------- 2-x-x2-x-x--------------------------------------- 2-x-x2-x-x2p0-2h3p2p0--2p0-2h3p2p0--------------- @1:35 --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- -misc. feedback------------------------------------ -make up your own----2----------------------------- ---------------------2-let ring until it's feedback ---------------------2----------------------------- Adam uses some effect here,not sure what but it sounds cool.. pinch harmonics come close. There's more that I don't feel like tabbing, just noodle around the same notes and you got it, or just make a bunch of friggin noise. ------------------------------------------------------- --7--5~~---3h5-3h5-3~~----5-3-5-3~~b4r3b4---5~~~------- --------------------------------------------------etc.- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- Now for the part that makes you crap your pants. This is where your amp volume needs to be at 10. It's the same riff as the intro, but it gets real ballsy with drum and bass locked in. Let 'er RIP! @2:55 ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x------------------------ -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x------------------------ -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2p0-2h3p2p0------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- 2-x-x2-x-x------------------------------ 2-x-x2-x-x------------------------------ 2-x-x2-x-x2p0-2h3p2p0--2p0-2h3p2p0------ keep repeating @3:28 play twice --------------------------------- --------------------------------- --------------------------------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x----------------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x----------------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2p0-2h3p2p0------ --------------------------------- --------------------------------- --------------------------------- -2-x2/5-55-5p0-0-0-0h3-33-------- -2-x2/5-55-5p0-0-0-0h3-33-------- -2-x2/5-55-5p0-0-0-0h3-33-------- --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x---------5----------0-------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x---------5----------0-------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x-2h3p2p0h5----------0-------- ^let ring ^let ring ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x--- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x--- -2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x2-x-x--- ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -5-5-5---------------------------- -5-5-5--3-3-3--2-x-x-------------- -3-3-3--3-3-3--2-x-x-------------- --------3-3-3--2-x-x-2p0-2h3p2p0-- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -5/7-7---3/5-5---2-x-x------------- -5/7-7---3/5-5---2-x-x------------- -5/7-7---3/5-5---2-x-x2p0-2h3p2p0-- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- -7-7--5-5--2-x-x------------------- -7-7--5-5--2-x-x------------------- -7-7--5-5--2-x-x-7p5-7p5-7p5------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ---------2--2--2------------------- -0--0--0-2--2--2--2---------------- -0--0--0-0--0--0--2---------------- -0--0--0----------2---------------- Now the tricky part. You need to smoothly transition from this riff: E B G D A D-2p0-2h3p2p0-------- to this one: approx. 4:10 E--------------------------- B--------------------------- G---------------------------repeat D--------------------------- A--------------------------- D-23202--23202-------------- Then at 5:00 theres a way tricky timing change over 3 or 4 bars that I can't get but when it comes out its this: --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- -2-2-2-2-2---2-2-2-2-2----------------- Then it goes back over a couple of the earlier riffs and some other stuff as it starts to fade out that I don't feel like tabbing out cause this is getting tiresome. It's easy stuff to figure out. Outro: @6:28 -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- -202320--202320--keep repeating------- pick a little harder each time and for the last one let your right palm hit the strings to make harmonics. And that's it, pretty much all there and (hopefully) accurate. Feel free to e-mail me with corrections etc.


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