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Obsession (album) Ukulele by Rachelle Ann Go

Album: Obsession
Artist: Rachelle Ann Go

                  |  OBSESSION ALBUM  |
Track List:

1.) Alam Ng Ating Puso
2.) And Me U
3.) And You Love Me
4.) Come One Day
5.) Don't Say Goodbye
6.) I Will Always Love You Anyway
7.) I'm Sure
8.) Iyong-iyo
9.) Something In The Air
10.) This Must Be Love
11.) Walk Into My Eyes
12.) You Are My Obsession

|1.) Alam Ng Ating Puso |

A           D         E             A
Hindi lihim sa akin tibok ng yong damdamin
  F#m                  B      E  
Alam kong matagal ka nang naghihintay
 A          D        E          A
Wag kang mag-alala, mahal naman kita
 F#m          B          E
Darating din ang araw at tayo na

Alam ng ating mga puso
   E             C#m  F#m
Na tayo'y para sa isa't-isa
Alam ng ating mga puso
 E           C#m     F#m
Di kailangan na sabihin pa
  Bm   A               D          C#m
Ang mahalaga sana'y laging tapat ang pag-ibig mo
  Bm           E         A
Nakahanda ang puso ko para sa iyo

 A       D       E     A
Sila nagtataka,ba't di ko inaamin
 F#m        B        E
Na sa iyo ako'y may pagtingin
 A          D       E     A
Wag kang mag-aalala,mahal naman kita
 F#m       B           E
Darating din ang araw at tayo na
(repeat chorus)

F#m E D    B        E
Maghintay ka lang,malapit na..ahh..
(repeat chorus)

 Cm     Bb          Eb         Dm
Ang mahalaga sana'y laging tapat ang pag-ibig mo
    Cm          F          Bb-Eb-Bb
Nakahanda ang puso ko para sa iyo

|2.) And Me U  |

Intro: Bb-Ab-Cm-Bb

You say you love
    Cm         Bb
And what you'd do for me
But you're uncertain
   Cm       Bb
How will I react
You look real nervous
     Bb                       Ab
So scared that I'll turn and never
  Bb     Ab
Look back.wooohh

 Fm                 Bb
I didn't swear I would stay
Did I, I never thought you would
Doubt me that way
 Fm                        Bb
But if you need an answer in all

You say you want me
Bb                 Ab
Each day you love me deeper
    Cm    Bb
Well, baby and me u
You long to hold me
I make your life much sweeter
 Cm        Bb     Ab Eb
That'how i feel for you too
I move real slowly
 Cm         Bb
I guess it's just my way
That doesn't mean
I don't feel deep inside
When you're not with me
I want to be there
Just holding you tight
so tight

 Fm                  Bb
It's not like I feel ensure
 Eb                        Ab
My heart is focused like never before
 Fm                              Bb
And of you need an answer in all honesty
(repeat chorus)
 Ab         Gm 
I believe, didn't you,didn't you tell it
 Fm     Eb       Ab
Only me forever there's no doubt 
 Bb                  Bb
That's how I feel for you too
(repeat chorus)
|3.) And You Love Me |

Intro: Gm-F-Eb (2x)
The night is filled with love
  F        Bb
Everything is far away
I'm trying to imagine you are min
             Cm             Bb Gm  F
I must found a million ways of fantasizing
But only memories are falling
Tangled in your sound of breathing
 Bb        Gm  Bb
Like it was my life

 Cm    Bb    Eb          D
And in my mind I hear you voice

 G                             Bm
Say tht everything we feel is all for something
 C                    Eb
Say I'm everything you're dreaming
Say that you won't let me go
Then tell me one thing
Coz my heart says that you want me
 D    Gm F Eb
And you love me

I'm hiding coz it's safe
   F           Eb
That's the way it's going these days
And maybe I'm to fragile to laugh
                      Cm                  Eb Gm A
It's always like I'm reaching the end or just pretending

Refrain 2:
 Cm   Bb    Eb        D
Where in my mind I hear you voice
(repeat chorus)


You're the reason I've been suffering
You're the reason for my trusting
         Cm             Bb
There is nothing that can stop me
When I'm reaching for you now
         G                       Bm
Say that Stars can never blind us from these feelings
           C                     Eb  D
Say that nothing can be less than what we're seeing
Say I'm always in your soul
Don't keep me guessing
       Cm                D
Coz my heart says that you want me
    D       Gm
I know you love me

|4.) Come One Day |

Intro: Eb-Bb-Cm-Gm-Bb

  Cm Bb       Eb       Ab
Far away a star that's never shown
 Cm Bb    Eb         Ab
HEre I am another night alone
 Eb        Bb
if only dreams had wings
 Cm         Bb
And finally bring me home

 Eb       Bb
To find my life has turned a page
 Cm          Ab
OH come, one day soon, I pray
 Eb             Bb
Two hearts will be forever changed
 Cm          Ab
I believe this hope inside of me
  Eb                Bb
Will somehow see the light
        Cm         Ab
See and come the day I will see
   Eb           Bb
The dream, I dream in your eyes

 Cm  Bb Eb   Ab
So I wait as time keeps on
 Cm  Bb Eb         Ab
If only you were these clouds would disappear
 Eb       Ab
As I turn to your arms
(repeat chorus)

 Ebm        B         Db
Fate, it's written in the stars
 Gb                   B
What's meant to be will be sent to me
In my heart I believe in destiny and love
 Abm                Db
It will be here when it's finally time
    Gb        B
Just the way I imagined it
I know it will be mine
(rpeat chorus)

|5.)Don't Say Goodbye: |

Intro: Bb-A-Gm-F (2x)
Bb             Eb
Whay did I lost my head
 Bb        F        Eb
And love someone else instead
          Bb               Cm
Coz now he's gone and you're not here
To wipe away my tears
 Bb             Eb
I had it all with you
 Bb          Eb
And now what am I to do
  Bb             Cm
I'd give the world to find a away
  Bb             F
To bring back yesterday

I should've known
How much you cared for me
    Cm               F              Bb
I should've known that we were meant to be
        Gm         F          Eb
And if I tried to win you back again
    Bb         Cm
Don't make me wait in vain
Bb               F
I was wrong I can't deny
                 Bb Intro
So please don't say goodbye

 Bb          Eb
I made a big mistake
   Bb                 Eb
And now it's so hard to take
                Bb          Cm
The thought that I wouuld be so blibd
     Bb             F
And leave our love behind
(repeat refrain))

    Eb            Bb
Now only time will tell 
   Cm             Eb
COz ive learned my lesson well
                        F#  G
YEs i've learned my lesson well
 C Dm G C

|6.) I Will Always Love You Anyway |

Bm         F#m                Em                              
Why do we keep hurting each other
Bm           Em                    Em
Why can't we find the right words to say
Bm               F#m              Em
We should know better love's not a game
It's hard enough finding an easy way
          F#m             Em
Tell me where did we go wrong
Bm        F#m                       Em 
Are we going giving up and say that it's over
Bm             F#m         Em
Is their anyway to make it okay
Bm            F#m                     Em
It won't be the same if you walk out the door
Em                             Bm
True love is always worth fighting for
F#m                        Em
Do you think we have a second chance

             D          A
Why can't we fall in love gain
Bm              A
I Can't live without you
       D                 A/C#
Back in ecah other's arms again
Bm              F#
Like the way we used to 
Bm                 Am7     D7
But if after all is said and one
G             C
You still walk away
Em                A
I will always love you

Verse 2:
Bm             F#m          Em
Everything now has come for a reason
Bm              F#m              Em
Why does it seems like life is a game
Bm        F#m                Em
if we can save all the good we had
Remember the moments and keep the past
F#m                     Em       A
We can hold on to our time and place
G                              Bm
If love could only stay with us forever
G                              A        Bb
If you could only feel how my heart breaks you
would say

|7.)I'm Sure  |

Intro: Bbm-Cm-Fm (2x)

(Do Cp. Bb-Cm-Fm)
I know with you every single night is crazy
I want to keep you and forever
I need to know when you hear me
Baby, I want it allm you and me

(Do Cp. Bb-Cm-Fm)
The way we fall in the grave
It must be something you're doing
It's automatic

(Do Cp. Bb-Cm-Fm)
I'm sure you're the one thing I need
You're never the air that I breathe
Oh I never felt so strong
I'm sure I'll never let you go
This time I just can't be wrong
Oh I Love you

(Do Cp. Bb-Cm-Fm)
Now you appear perfect in the atmospehere
I feel reborn you make me feel so beautiful
Like is so sweet all these dreams have found me baby
(repeat refrain)
Adlib: Ebm-B-Ebm-Bb

(Do Cp. Bb-Cm-Fm)
I'm sure that you're the one for me
I'm sure that you're the one I ned
I'm sure you're all my dreams come true
I'sure that I should be with you
(repeat chorus)

|8.)Iyong-iyo |

Intro: Eb-Bb-Cm-Gm-Bb

 Cm   Bb     Eb    Ab
Kung ako ay iibigin mo
 Cm   Bb   Eb          Ab
Kay saya lahat ng araw ko
 Eb   Bb      Cm           Ab
Umaga at gabi palaging may ngiti
 Eb         Bb
Kapag ako'y naging

Chorus 1:
  Cm       Ab
Iyong-iyo pangako ko
 Eb       Bb
Hindi-hindi magbabago
 Cm        Ab
Iyong-iyo pag-ibig ko
 Eb          Bb
Lahat na ang pangarap ko
   Cm          Ab
Oh, anong sarap malaman
 Eb          Ab
Ang haplos ng palad mo
  Cm          Ab
Naglalambing, nababaliw
 Eb         Bb Eb-Bb-Cm-Gm-Bb
Sana ay kapiling mo ako

Cm   Bb          Eb  Ab 
Kung ikaw ang iibigin ko
Cm   Bb    Eb  Ab
Ingatan mo sana'ng puso ko
  Eb        Bb    Cm   Ab
Kung iiwanan mo ako'y magtampo
Eb    Bb
Laging akong

CHorus 2:
Cm      Ab
Iyong-iyo pangako ko
 Eb         Bb
Hinding-hindi magbabago
 Cm       Ab
Oh, iyong-iyo pag-ibig ko
 Eb        Bb
Lahat na ang pangarap ko
 Cm             Ab        Eb
Para bang kislap ng langi, bituin
 Bb       Cm
Sa mata ko nagsasaya
 Ab        Eb   Bb
Nahihibang, sana ay ibigin mo

 Ebm  B        Db
Ikaw ang pag-ibig ko
 Gb         BM7
Buhay ko ang pag-ibig mo
 Cdim7                    Bb
Pag nawala ka ay wala rin sa akin ang mundo
Abm         Db
Punong-puno na ang puso ko
 Gb           BM7
Lumilipad na ang isip ko
Nasan na ang pag-ibig mo

CHorus 3: 
 Dm              Bb        F
Ah (iyong-iyo pangako ko hinding-hindi magbabago)
 Dm                  Bb         F          C        
Ahh. (iyong-iyo pag-ibig ko lahat na ang pangarap ko)
    Dm             Bb          F       C  
Oh, anong sarap malaman ang haplos ng palad mo
 Dm             Bb
Naglalambing, nababaliw
 F       C-Dm-Bb-F
Sana ay ibigin mo...

|9.) Something In TheAir  |

I wanna feel you breathing beside me
I wanna have you in my life
I cannot tell you why
It's something I feel so deep inside
I wanna feel the sound of your laughing
I wanna know what you're doung
I knwo there's something more to believe
Don't know what is haunting me

Feel it everywhere
Coz it's something in the air
  Bm   A
I can't tell you how
But I feel it rushing me now
 A                Bm-
It's something in the air
It's hanging inside the air all around me

I wanna follow my intuition
I cannot touch what I cannot see
It will be ours eventually 
We could be floating on the horizon
Falling through space and hearing the silence
It's all around from heaven to sea
Wrapping its arms around you and me
(repeat chorus 2x)

|10.) This Must Be Love|

Intro: B-G#m-F#
In the face of another night or rain
 G#m               F
That runs through like a river
At a time when nobody hears my pain
  G#m           F#
And I might cry forever
I call you and you appear
Like in a dream
         G                  F#
And suddenly, the storm is gone

And here beside you
IS where you'll find me
The arms I long to hold
When I'm left in the cold
and here beside you
Is where I'll guide me
When I stumble and fall
    B                  D
You are there through it all
This must be love

D                 F#m
And if sometimes I break like
shattered glass
  Bm               A
And my hearts all in pieces
  D               F#m
Without a doubt you'll be there when I ask
 Bm    G     A
With the answer I need
 F                     Eb         Bb
Nobody else now could protect me like you do
No one like you, I know that's true
(repeat chorus)

I turn to you when darkness comes again
 Gm              C 
You bring me from the shadows
In holding on until the teardrops end
 Gm              C
To you and you alone
(repeat chorus)

|11.)Walk Into My Eyes |

Intro: G#m-E-G#m-E-Eb

It's the end of the Day
I'm hardly breathing I am lost and feel so lonely
I wanna steal your embrace
I just keep holding
 E               Eb
So my dream will not be broken
I wanna touch your face
And feel a thousand ways
       E             Eb
I wanna know what loves like
It starts all over again
My heart is beating my imaginations growing
It's like a fall that I take
                                   E   Eb
Into a world where nothing's more than just pretending
I wanna know that taste of everything we save
And let them carry us through dawn
But i've just gotta wait
 F#                 E          Eb
It's getting late and time is moving on

Then you walk into my life
Taking all my defenses
If I wasn't for tonight
  E                 Eb
I may nevr know these senses
Every moment feels so right
    E               Eb
It's the end of all my guessing
 G#m E Eb
It's the end of the day
I'm hardly speaking
I don't know what Im expectng
But there's a role that I play inside
                   E          Eb           
A passion that for me is never ending
Wanna go someplace where we are lost in space
I wanna know what love is like
But ive just gotta wait
It's getting late and time is moving on
(repeat chorus 3x)

|12.) You Are My Obsession |

Intro: F#m-D-E (2x)

F#m           D
I never gonna let you go
You can see it in my eyes
 Bm          C#m
I know you gotta leave
 D                    E
I think of you all the time
Can you be in my fantasy
     E                  C#m
We're alone, cause no one's around
  Bm        C#m
I know that thi is it
 D                 E
We got that special bond
 D              C#7
I feel the love everywhere

 F#m           D
You are my obsession now
 E             C#m
Burning in my heart somehow
 Bm        C#
You are my fire pointed with desire
 Bm           D
You are my obsession now
 E             C#m
Burning in my heart somehow
 Bm               C#
Everywhere I go I hold you in
         D  E
My heart, I know
 F#m D E
My obsession
 F#m             D
I wish that you would stay
 E                C#m
I want you here all the time
But i know that you love me
  D               E 
I feel it in my mind
  F#m             D
Look around there's no one else
    E                       C#m
That I fancy as much as you know

 Bm             E
There no else that's here
 D              C#
for you you in the futre
I can see I will always sacrifice


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